We’re Jacki and Meesh, two girls fresh out of college. We’ll be honest with you from the start, we don’t really know what were doing. While constantly juggling our temporary jobs and social calendars, our plans for “life” or a possible “career path” have yet to be determined. So as we search for our niches and try to find our place in the world, we will do what we do best, EAT! Because we simply eat too much food to not talk about it, and it would be selfish if we didn’t share what we know with our fellow food enthusiasts, we’ve decided to track our adventures (and misadventures) in a blog.

Since we are not artists, musicians, Kardashians, fashion designers, personal assistants of fashion designers or anything cool like that, this blog will serve as our creative outlet, whatever that means. We will eat our way around Boston, and hopefully someday, around the world!

So with the end of one era, we embark on a new one: Just Add Cheese. Because, who doesn’t love cheese? It’s like the never fail, idiot proof way to make a bad dish miraculously better. No individual can deny the power of melted mozzarella, creamy brie or some shredded Monterrey jack…on anything! (Unless the dish in question is Asian, in which case we have yet to fuse the two. Hey, worse things have happened)

Our Short Term / Temporary / Always Changing / Never Set in Stone GOALS:

Find the best food in Boston. We are going to (or rather, continue to) eat out as much as possible, actually as much as our bank accounts permit. Remember we are recent graduates still living on student budgets. We will inform our readers on our findings of the best places for the best occasions. The best breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and desserts for weekdays, date nights, Sunday brunch, late night drunk food, family affairs, cocktail parties and more!

Find the best food wherever else we may go. While we both love to eat, we love to travel just as much! We plan to seize every travel opportunity that presents itself to us. Consider us amateur Anthony Bourdains (but prettier).

Cook awesome food in the meantime. For those days when eating out just isn’t an option, we will cook! We will be our own judges, learning from our mistakes, and using Whole Foods as our playground.  And if you’re lucky, we’ll invite you over for our infamous bread pudding.

If this is at all of interest to you, read on. Better yet, contribute. Tell us what you think, pass along ideas, photos, experiences, ANYTHING! We love feedback and criticism and we love contributors. We can’t provide much for you right now except a link, but in this crazy world of web 2.0 that’s not so bad.

Let’s see where this takes us…

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One Response to Hai

  1. Stefan says:

    FIRST!!! Some inspiration for you girls… http://www.lastnightsdinner.net/

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