Figment | Boston

(note: Meant to post this last week, an unforeseen series of Internet outages hindered blogging ability. My apologies.)

(another note: This post is not about food – just something I thought was cool)

Figment Festival

My Figment Photos

Sometimes Boston can feel like a really small city. Always seeing the same people in the streets, knowing all the homeless people by name, eating at every patio restaurant on Newbury 500 times because its close to work, etc. That’s why unique events that come to the city are so exciting, changing up the routine a bit. Last weekend, one of those events made it’s Boston debut, The Figment Festival. A “celebration of creativity,” as thier website describes.

Some friends and I made our way to a part of Boston I actually have not been to yet, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. Figment originally started in Governor’s Island, NY and eventually grew big enough to jump around to different cities. At Figment there are no vendors or advertisements, people just come together to show their artwork, listen to music, do cool Cirque de Soleil type stuff, and HULA HOOP (the apparent new trend in hippie festival land).

It ended up being a really interesting experience with awesome music and interactive art, like sidewalk chalk murals and electronic music controlled by a bicycle. It was a very different type of Boston event that ended up becoming the high point of my weekend. I would recommend it to anyone!

A good video to depict Figment:

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