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As you will come to learn, Mexican is one of my favorite cuisines (along with Italian, Thai, Indian, French, Japanese…). No but seriously, I think we can all agree that Mexican food is something else. It’s the cats pajamas, the bees knees, flavorful goodness that I never seem to get enough of…

I originally got into Mexican food because my Mom is obsessed as well. She eats at this restaurant in Maryland, El Azteca (unexpectedly great Mexican food in Maryland that’s five minutes from my house 😀  ) like 5 nights a week. The odd thing about my Mom’s love for Mexican food is that she only orders 1 or 2 choices from the menu: guac and quesadillas with cheese and jalapenos only…? With so many amazing choices, THAT’S what you order, Mom?? I’ll never understand her eating habits, but these excessive visits to El Azteca have made me into the Mexican food fanatic that I am today.


The Unassuming Suburban Mexican Hotspot

(note: while home two days ago, after writing the first part of this post, my Mom ordered a Chile Relleno!!! She’s expanding her palate. GO MOM!)

To my liking, this past weekend was chock-full of Mexican food-related activities. I say you should devote at least one day a weekend to eating only Mexican food. Ah.. I guess that’s a little much, but I am definitely not disappointed when a day turns out that way.

Last weekend, on our way to Figment – we got distracted by another outdoor festival right next door, Riverfest. We saw sponsors giving away free samples, tons of food, art vendors and more! PITSTOP!

Riverfest: Chicken Satay | Samosas

I was immediately drawn to the Mexican food vendor, and that’s where I saw them. AREPAS!  AR-R-R-R-R-REPAS! * excessively rolling R’s*. You know, the melted mozzarella in-between two corn patties treat. AREPAS.


I started pondering about these heavenly treats. Are Arepas even Mexican? Who is behind the deliciousness that is an Arepa? Prior to Riverfest I knew nothing about them other than (1) they were often seen at outdoor street fairs alongside other mouth-watering Latin American food and (2) that I loved them. I looked it up later on, aaaand… they are not Mexican at all. Venezuelan, actually. Mexican food fail. I don’t care I still love them. Officially added to my “things to cook when I’m not trying to be healthy” list, behind doughnut holes, another batch of bread pudding, and chocolate fudge.

And for the second Mexican, err… Latin American food event of the weekend: Sol Azteca on Beacon St. right near Fenway Park. I have never been before and after the Arepa extravaganza earlier in the day – it seemed fitting. I was very impressed by Sol Azteca despite my initial skepticism from mixed reviews online. Really nice waitress (could have been slightly more attentive, but it was a drawn-out Saturday night dinner so that’s okay), great salsa, great Sangria (tastes like cinnamon – yum), and great entrees. Also, the prices were way better than Casa Romero’s for very similar quality food. I will definitely be going back to Sol Azteca at some point, the location is convenient to work and home, and the outdoor patio on Comm Ave. is a great spot to people watch, esp before or after a game at Fenway. Mexican success!

Guac | Chile Relleno | Enchiladas con Mole Poblano | Salsa

It’s a relief to find a good spot because Boston really doesn’t have much to offer in terms of Mexican food. Around my common stomping grounds (Back Bay, Fenway, South End, Northeastern Univ. area, Longwood, Mission Hill), the only sit-down, weekend-dinner-appropriate, Mexican options are:

  • Casa Romero – my longtime go-to
  • Cactus Club – mediocre food, but fine if the focus is on the drinks
  • La Verdad – BARF
  • Cottonwood Cafe – nothing special whatsoever (the same day I posted this, I read this article about how Cottonwood Cafe is closing its doors forever – it goes to show that Mexican food lovers will not settle for anything less than authentic!)
  • Zocalo – just opened, never been – GOING THIS WEEKEND SO EXCITED!!
  • Fenway Cantina – never been, never heard anything, walk by it all the time – has anyone eaten here? Post comments! Let me know!

That’s all for now!


Cafe Sol Azteca on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to MexicanLovin’ | AREPAS | Sol Azteca

  1. Denise Zippelli says:

    Great story on Mexican. Don’t forget my favorite holiday is cinco de mayo!!!

  2. Maura says:

    I love Mexican and El Azteca! Try the enchiladas on my blog–so good!!!! I am going to make white chicken enchiladas in a white sauce as soon as I get back from vaca!

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