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I’ve been wanting to go to Drink since it opened in 2008, I’ve heard tons of great things about it from friends, reviews, blogs, articles, etc. It’s just that Drink is in the Seaport District and I live in Mission Hill. It’s such a schlep. I could take the T and switch lines 3 times to get there (40 minutes later) or I could take a $20 cab ($20 cab + 2 or more $15 drinks + $20 cab back = not good for my bank account), both options are NOT ideal. Plus I have no reason to go to the Seaport otherwise, I’ve only been there a couple times: Harpoon Brewery Tour, Wine Expo, the Puma Bar at Fan Pier, Senior Booze Cruise, etc. I just realized that I only go to the Seaport District for alcohol…is that bad?


For those reasons, Drink wasn’t even on my going out radar, until Jacki’s post about the Butcher Shop sparked my curiosity about Barbara Lynch. When I looked her up I remembered all the great things I heard about Drink and decided it was time to make the cross-city journey.

My boyfriend and I went on a Monday around 8pm, and the place was super busy. Walking in is a sensory overload; amazing smells, interesting decor, beautiful people, busy bartenders, and great looking drinks everywhere! Looking around, we realized that there was no liquor bottles in sight (interesting…), only fruits and herbs that are used for the cocktails. Immediately you can tell that this is not a normal bar. We noticed one barback chipping ice off an ice block for the drinks, I had no idea what was going on my but my BF told me that the ice stays colder the longer its on the block (COOL!!!). I later found out that the ice blocks are imported from a certain pond to insure best quality and keep the cocktails are consistent. WHOA this is serious. The menu only had food, wine and beer items. To order a cocktail, you simply tell the bartender what you want and they whip something up within your guidelines. My conversation with the bartender:

Bartender: “What type of flavors are you guys thinking?”

Me: “Nothing sweet, I’m game for anything else.”

Bartender: “Any restrictions on liquor?”

Me: “Nope.”

Bartender: “Do you like tequila?”

Me (wondering if that was a serious question): “Love.”

He got right to it, tossing different bottles around, adding bitters, measuring other unknown liquids, shaking and stirring violently, then pouring me the best cocktail I’ve ever had in my life. He called it a Maxwell something or other. Seriously, I’ve never tasted anything like it, a unique taste that is very hard to describe. It was a great mix of bitter, orangey-lime flavors. It was perfection.

During this whole interaction, my boyfriend was completely distracted by  another Bartender making a Dark and Stormy with fresh Ginger Beer that came out of a nitrous container, carbonating it as it hit the ice in the cup. He got that. It was also perfection. It was served with the Rum and Ginger Beer separated – we were told to take a taste of the ginger beer by itself first, then mix it together. We obliged, and the ginger beer itself was fantastic, strong, fresh and AH so good!

We also ordered some apps, the menu options consist of about 8 small plates meant to be shared. Despite hearing some negative reviews of the food, we thought everything was great. The best being a little round puff pastry baked with guyere on top. YUM! We also got grilled cheese, french fries with malt vinegar aioli and some other apps which I can’t even remember because the focus was solely on the drinks, which it is meant to be.

Tequila Drink | Puff Pastries

While drinking my tequila awesomeness, I saw the bartender muddling some coffee beans. I immediately wanted whatever that was. I asked the bartender and he replies, “how do you feel about drinking a raw egg?” Ummm… I never thought about it. I asked him if it was safe and he replied yes, the eggs come from Sportello upstairs so they are guaranteed fresh. A little hesitant, I agreed to the raw egg. It turned out to be a milky coffee drink that was really good, I actually don’t even know what type of liquor was in the Drink. The egg made the consistency like an Odwalla drink. It was really good, but not as good as the first.

(note: Forgot my camera, had to use my phone. Sorry for the poor quality pics!)

Key Takeaways:

  • Best Cocktail in Boston. Period.
  • Worth the schlep to the Seaport.
  • Very expensive, but also worth it.
  • Don’t go there hungry, the apps are all very small.
  • Go in small groups, very small place.
  • Be patient. The cocktails take about 4 to 6 minutes to make, again, worth it.
  • Drink is truly one of a kind.



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