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Zocalo | Back Bay

After a series of failed attempts to visit the new Zocalo on Stanhope Street, a few friends and I finally made it there this past Sunday. Formerly located in Brighton, Zocalo has won a slew of awards over the past decade for having delicious dishes and impeccable service. Having never been before, I was excited to see what the contemporary Mexican restaurant was all about. Located where the old Stix used to be, the decor inside the new Zocalo is almost identical to its former Stix-self. The furniture is all still the same as is the bar (which I always happened to like due to its unique shelving and color-changing light fixtures).

We were lucky it happened to be pouring out so the place was pretty empty, otherwise it may have been a problem getting a table for 7 in such a small space AND without a reservation (which proved to be impossible to make once we realized their website was not updated with a current phone number. No bueno). However, the manager was very accommodating and quickly rearranged some tables so we could all sit together. Before we even had a chance to open our menus, a very nice waiter came over to introduce himself and a few of the house specials.

Within 2.2 seconds we decided to order the sangria sampler, 2 of them actually. Each came with three different sangria’s (the restaurant offers three white’s and three red’s). We tried all six, and later decided to go for  pitcher of the Red Mango Sangria which was mmmMmm. We also ordered some guacamole for the table, a very necessary appetizer when dining out for Mexican. Within a few minutes, the waiter returned with a guacamole bar filled avocado, cilantro, lime, jalapeno, cheese and more to make a GIANT bowl of homemade guac for the table. Naturally, I fell victim to the power of guac and was pretty much full before ordering more appetizers, but it was so good I had to have more.

Red Mango Sangria

Homemade Guacamole

We decided to order a few dishes for the table. The Pulled Pork tacos were amazing as were the Cheese Enchiladas. We ordered the Botana Mexicana, which essentially turned out to be a Mexican Pu Pu Platter. It came with an assortment of Mexican appetizers including Chicken Taquitos (corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, potatoes and queso fresco), Tamales, Elote (Traditional grilled corn with Mexican crema, lime juice, queso and chile spice) and Chilapitas. Chilapitas I had never had before, they were sweet plantains stuffed with pulled pork, avocado, chile chipotle, sour cream and mole and they were amAAzing. The perfect balance of sweet/spice/tangy goodness. I’m still thinking about them actually. (*Note to self: inform everyone you know of the deliciousness that is Chilapitas)

Pork Tacos | Sweet Plantains | Avocado Panna Cotta

Botana Mexicana

Oh, and can’t forget the Tuna Ceviche! Not very photogenic but delicious non-the-less.

Tuna Ceviche

At this point I was about ready to explode, which was unfortunate since I hadn’t had a chance to try the Chiles Rellenos. Or rather, one of the four different types of Chiles Rellenos they have listed on the menu. We did order the Avocado Panna Cotta for dessert, which  I have to admit wasn’t my favorite, but I still finished it so who am I to talk? And for all the Mexican Loving vegetarians, Zocalo is super veggie-friendly offering vegetarian alternatives for the majority of their menu options. They also have a HUGE patio, which we did not take advantage of due to the “meh” weather, but will definitely come in handy for future Sunday Funday’s!

Key Takeaways:

  • Get the Guac. Always.
  • Portions are huge.
  • Patio also huge.
  • Good for groups, but the space inside is small. Make a reservation! (if they ever update their phone number)
  • VERY reasonably priced.
  • Looking for a strong drink? Go with the Margarita.

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2 Responses to MexicanLovin’ | Loco for Zocalo | Back Bay

  1. lestorydefood says:

    you make me hungrayyyy

  2. Katie says:

    I like Zocalo! I’ve only been there once but their Pasole was really good. Great review!

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