¡¡Viva España!!

AH I’m in Barcelona and it’s fantastic! After a 14 hour journey with a layover at Heathrow, my family and I made it to Barcelona. 4 hours later, Spain won the World Cup! BAH! Needless to say, last night was one for the record books: parties in the streets, cars honking, flags waving, people cheering and singing “Viva España,” men wearing nothing but Spanish flags, drunken antics unlike any other. Chea.

Here is my video of when Spain scored:

All this world cup craziness has pretty much hindered good eating, which is fine – there is still a week to take down Barcelona one restaurant at a time. When we got here, we were staving and just ate at the first place in sight – the lunch spot in the W Barcelona, Wave. Other than the terrible service and outrageous prices, the food was pretty good. We got a cheese plate of Spanish cheeses (my fav) and they were great, crab cakes which were 20 Euro and made of imitation crab meat 😦 , a gazpacho trio (white garlic, sweet melon and salmorejo) which was interesting and not that great, and a crispy coconut prawn, nom.

Cheese Plate | Crab Cakes | Gazpacho Trio | Crispy Coconut Prawn

Last night we were focused on the game rather than dinner, so any place with an open table and a flat screen was ideal. We choose one of those really touristy places where the entire menu is pictures of the food, that doesn’t even look good. Who ever thought that would be a good way to promote a restaurant?? Well we ate there anyway so they win.

View from our hotel room, AH

The W Barcelona is pretty amazing. Everything is so modern it’s scary, and even frustrating at times. For about a half hour I couldn’t figure out how to get this iPod dock to work, then I realized the room key has to be in this slot for the whole room to have power, oh. Sustainable, I guess. The beds are low to the ground, the beach chairs are like beds, waterfall shower, etc. It’s pretty sweet, but this hotel is nowhere near the center of the city. So that might be annoying. We’ll see.

Waterfall Shower in my room. OMG OMG OMG

So stay tuned and hopefully there are good eats on the way!


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