Best of Barcelona | Part 2

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past week, after this vacation I have been trying to get back in the swing of things, and it hasn’t been too easy. Jet lag + expiring lease coming up + discovery of umami + working full time = not enough time for Meesh to post. Please forgive me, I will be better. Without further adieu, here is the second half of my Barcelona favorites:

11. Best Tapas | Citrus

Unfortunately I forgot my camera when we went to Citrus, so here is a pic I found (from here):


Citrus | Passig de Gracia | Barcelona

Citrus is located on Passig de Gracia, right across the street from the famous Gaudi house, Casa Batlló. It gives a great view of Barcelona’s version of 5th Avenue and has an innovative Tapas menu. This was very refreshing because 90% of Tapas places had the exact same menu (pan con tomate, croquettes, chorizo, garlic shrimp, etc.).  Citrus had awesome fried artichokes, tomato mozzarella “skyskrapers,” amazing meatballs and more.

12. Best Non-Catalan food | Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem Clockwise From Top Left: Mumbai Appetizer, Tuna Carpaccio, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Spring Rolls, Pad Thai

Carpe Diem will always be one of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona. They have an amazing outdor seating area where you can either dine at a table or lounge on beds and drink sangria RIGHT ON THE BEACH. It’s basically a day at the beach, but your in a bed being served awesome food and sangria. The menu is a mix of Sushi, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Thai cuisines, and they do every single one very well.

13. Best Wine | Mas La Plana Cabernet Sauvignon



Mas La Plana

Mas La Plana is the best wine we tasted from the Torres Winery in Spain. It was fully bodied and smoothy perfect. The name means “country house” which is what the original Torres House was.

14. Best Sangria | TIE | CheeseMe and W Hotel Pool Bar



We got Sangria pretty much everywhere in Barcelona. After awhile it all starts to taste the same until you get a really good one or a really bad one. CheeseMe and the W Hotel Pool Bar were the most memorable.

15.  Best Dessert – Rice in Milk at Vinoteca Torres















Rice in Milk | Vinoteca Torres

This is Spain’s version of rice pudding, served cold, really sweet, cinnamon on top. yes.

16.  Best Practice | Tenorino for putting dried, aged parmasean cheese on the table before the meal

Enough said.

17.  Best Pasta | Cuines | Artichoke Ravioli












Artichoke Ravioli | Cuines

Homemade pasta and artichoke and parmesean  perfection!

18.  Best Corquettes | Lonja de Tapas | Potato and Meatball


Potato and Meatball Croquettes | Lonja de Tapas

These little  croquettes had a great sauce and a nice little surprise when you bite into them, MEATBALLS. The white thing on top was like an herby mayo. Very nice. Lonja de Tapas is a great place to get really simple tapas, done really well. If you want a traditional tapas menu, this is it – but they do it better than most other restaurants. Definitely a place to hit for lunch, drinks, light dinner, or anything really. They don’t close for Siesta like many of the fancy restaurants.

19.  Best Service | W Hotel







W Hotel

The W Hotel was only open for about 10 months when we stayed there, so a lot of the service was all over the place, still pretty unorganized – BUT there were 2 people (Nelly and Bernard) that gave us great service the entire time, remembered drink orders, went above and beyond and were very helpful, nice, and happy.

20 Best Anchovies | Merendero de la Mari

Anchovies | Merendero de la Mari

Anchovies are a huge part of Catalan cuisine. Many restaurants serve them like this, on bread, just like bruschetta but with anchovies instead of tomatoes. I have always been weird about eating anchovies since I was little (the one pizza topping that I knew not to order even though I had no idea what it was at the time), but my dad – the world’s biggest anchovy fan – made my try them, and they were amazing! These are actually the only ones I had, so I really don’t know if they are the best – but all the other seafood at Merendero was great so I’m assuming these anchovies are high on the anchovy todem pole. Don’t be scared of anchovies people – you’re missing out if you’re too scared to try!

Bottom line: Barcelona/Catalan food is amazing.



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