Jet Blue Snack Boxes | Mad Props

When I booked my trip to Las Vegas, I was just as excited to be flying Jet Blue as I was to be going to Vegas! Okay, that’s a lie – but it’s a nice bonus to any trip. DirectTV, more leg room, etc. I have flown Jet Blue before, so I thought I knew what I was in for. I didn’t. There were snack boxes. 5 different kinds actually: Wake Up, Beef Up, Shape Up, Power Up, and Cheer Up. All boxes are pretty much self explanatory except the last one. Allow me to enlighten you, IT’S A CHEESE BOX! Nom. Now that I think about it, what else would cheer me up?? A new offering from Jet Blue, these snack boxes are only about a month old and are only offered on longer flights. They are $6 each, which is kind of annoying, but they all looked so promising that the question wasn’t, “should we get one?” It was, “which one should we get?” Well done, Jet Blue. Mad props.


This cheese box consists of a Trio of Premium Cheeses: Swiss, Smoked Cheddar, and Hot Pepper. The box also had Dried Apple, Dried Cranberries, and Crackers. It was the most excited I have ever been to eat on an airplane, and it tasted delicious. Obviously not the best cheese I’ve ever had, but it was the best airplane snack I’ve ever had (cue Drake).

Cheer Up | Cheese Snacks

We also got the Beef Up Snack Box: Salami, Crackers and Cheddar Cheese Spread, Bagel Chips and Gourmet Cheese Spread, and Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps. It was almost like a different cheese snack box that they called “beef.” Both boxes were bliss.

Beef Up Snack Box | Agustinos Cabernet

Jet Blue also offers wine from Best Cellars, a wine store with a Boston branch that I happen to frequent. Even more props! Snack boxes and wine turned out to be the perfect precursor to a weekend in Vegas.

Skai Hai

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