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I’m about to make somewhat of a bold statement here: Friendly Toast in Kendall Square may just have the best brunch ever! I’ll admit, I really wanted to say best brunch in the world, but seeing as I haven’t really tried every brunch menu in the world I thought it might be a little unfair. So for now I’ll go with ever, and by “ever” I mean as long as I’ve lived thus far…although it may be safe to say it really is the best ever!

From the 1950’s inspired decor to the whacky head-plants that greet you on the way in, The Friendly Toast is one wildly adorable Diner that’s equally as impressive on the food front. It’s open as early as 8am everyday, serving breakfast until 3pm during the week and 10pm on the weekends (along with lunch and dinner). After first being introduced to Friendly Toast this past winter, it’s become somewhat habitual for me to walk the hour+ trek from my apartment whenever I’m in the mood for a seriously good breakfast (weather and time permitted of course).

Now I’m going to be very frank, Friendly Toast is no joke. Where else do half the menu items come served with your choice of 6 different specialty Texas Toasts including Cayenne-Cheddar, Cinnamon & Raisin, Whole Wheat, Oatmeal, and more? Yes I agree it’s slightly overwhelming, so is the menu. With so many brunch options, I haven’t even tried to absorb the lunch offerings yet. Just thinking about it intimidates me, and I’ll be honest, I avoided it again today when I brunched there with my roommate Kate O.

Realizing we both had the same day off this week, it only took us about .7 seconds to decide we’d be getting breakfast at Friendly Toast this morning. A hop, skip and a bus ride later followed by more skipping we arrived. First things first, the Tea Menu. I like tea, but am by no means a tea fanatic. I don’t regularly order tea, but how can I resist when the tea menu is more extensive than the cocktail list. Irish Breakfast? Pumpkin Cream? I was thinking MMMango, a delicious mix of Rooibos, Mate, Grean Tea and Passion Fruit.

The menu was a little harder to maneuver, but we ultimately agreed to share an order of New Hampshire’s finest and the Caribbean Waffle (*no waffle, sub pancake) 5 minutes after we had ordered, our food arrived. A luxury one can only enjoy by eating breakfast mid-day on a Wednesday.

The New Hampshire’s Finest was piled high with scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, scallions, asparagus and goat cheese. The home fries were a little spicier than I remembered but the Cinnamon & Raisin toast was the perfect counterpart oddly enough. We decided to throw a twist on the Caribbean Waffle, which usually comes drenched in caramelized bananas and pecans, but we decided to swap the waffle for a pancake ( I don’t know why, I just REALLY wanted pancakes) Talk about SWEET, definitely the most decadent breakfast I’ve had to date. Enjoy the photo’s below and try not to drool on yourself. No seriously, just try.

Eggs | Bacon | Scallion | Asparagus | Goat Cheese | Home Fries | Toast

Pancakes Stuffed with Pecans and topped with Caramelized Bananas

Aside from serving all sorts of ridiculously good breakfast noms, they also serve lunch (as I mentioned before). Although I’ve never ordered it, I almost asked the guy at the table next to me for a bite of his sandwich it looked so good.  Friendly Toast is pretty big, but I advise going during the week to avoid long waits and crowding on the weekends. They also have a small patio outside, and serve the full menu at the bar. Aside from tons of tea, they also have countless smoothies and cocktails that are delish, and the specials board in the front is always featuring new dishes.  If you go, be sure to try the Pumpkin Pancakes, and if you’re feeling extra daring tell them to mix-in some heath bar, you wont regret it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seriously extensive Breakfast menu
  • Serves Breakfast all day, every day
  • Funky, casual atmosphere
  • creative (and also extensive) Tea menu
  • Huge portions
  • Has outdoor dining

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    Stop going on random days/way too early in the morning and TAKE ME HERE

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