Restaurant Week Attempt #1 | Via Matta

About a month ago I made my restaurant week reservations at Via Matta, an Italian restaurant in Park Plaza. I’ve heard and read some great things about the authenticity of the food and the wonderful HOMEMADE PASTA (god I love homemade pasta). The menu had 2 pasta dishes for the main course. Most importantly, the menu a pesto pasta dish that really stood out to me, a pesto dish I was very excited to nom on.

Last night, we arrived at Via Matta and realized the menu had changed – there was no pesto dish available and a couple other items differed from the original menu. The three main course options were Fettuccine with sweet corn, basil, roasted mushrooms and Parmesan, grilled fish and grilled pork. The manager explained to us that the Restaurant Week menu had to be submitted back in April so changes had to be made based on items that were in season and supply and yadda yadda yadda, AND the Restaurant Week site posted the menu wrong in the first place. DZANG! Bottom line, no pesto.

The three main course options did sound really good, but I was excited for a classic Italian pasta dish. While reading the restaurant week menu with a pesto-induced sadness, the regular menu was calling my name. It was saying “don’t worry about all the money you would be saving by ordering the prix fixe – I have all the homemade pasta you could ever want.” GAH…. we gave in. Restaurant week and bank account fail. Instead of the $33.10 3 course restaurant week menu – we spent over $200 seeing the best of what Via Matta had to offer. Should I have shown more self-control? YES. Why didn’t I? HOMEMADE PASTA.

Now for the good stuff:

(it was really dark so I tried to fix these photos as best as possible)



Crunchy Eggplant with basil marinated tomatoes and parmigiano – this was superb. Crunchy breadcrumb shell with soft, toasty eggplant in the middle. The tomatoes and thin sliced Parmesan on top made the flavors all come together really well. AH this was so good!

Burrata and Heirloom Tomato

Burrata with heirloom tomatoes, basil, sea salt and olive oil – another WIN. This was also amazing. Tomatoes were ripe and flavorful and the mozzarella was so creamy perfect. $18 dollars though – a little steep.




Tagliatelle Bolognese – The homemade pasta was everything it was cracked up to be and more (times 10)! This is one of the best Bolognese dishes I’ve ever had, meaty, just right amount of sauce, overall perfection. They also split the portion for us, which is always nice.


Veal Medallions with corn, tomatoes, chanterelles, prosciutto and stone fruit vinaigrette – another awesome dish. The veal was sitting on a corn puree and there was dried crunch prosciutto on top. Cooked to perfection and all the flavors meshed together really nicely.




Ricotta Cheesecake with chocolate ganache and candied peanuts – this was the only thing I didn’t particularly like. The chocolate and peanuts made it taste like a peanut butter cup that was overbearing and way too rich. The cheesecake itself minus the topping was great – overall too much.


meh. Our waiter was kind of an a-hole to start. I asked him to recommend a good value wine (the wine list was all Italian wines that I knew nothing about) and he said, “well obviously the most expensive ones are the best.” ?????? NOT TRUE. He could have been way more polite and helpful.

However, we had a bunch of other servers throughout the meal, and everyone else was polite and attentive. The manager was also a really nice guy.


Warm, inviting and tasteful. Via Matta has a big patio and a very comfortable vibe inside.

Key Takeaways:

  • 4 out of 5 stars. 1 star deduced for wine comment and the misleading Restaurant Week menu.
  • Very authentic Italian food.
  • Warm, inviting, cozy atmosphere.
  • Expensive!!!!
  • Huge restaurant – good for any size group.

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