New Ginza | Best Sushi | Watertown

Now very rarely does JAC feature awesome noms found outside of Boston. This is mostly because outside of vacations and mini trips I don’t really venture to far from the hub. And I never really make an effort to get myself to the outskirts of the city when everything I need is right here. But I have to say, if any eatery outside of Boston is getting a head nod from me, its Watertown’s New Ginza.

How did I find myself in Watertown you ask? Well, it all started on a rainy Tuesday when I decided to spend my day off from work with my Turkish friend Serpil. I mention that she’s Turkish because most people think I’m lying when I say I have a friend named Serpil. Anyways, with the rain putting a serious damper on our mood, I knew there was only one thing that could cheer us up, SUSHI! As soon as I mentioned it Serpil suggested a place by her house she tends to frequent. I immediately agreed and got very excited. Not only do I LOVE sushi, but I love when a friend introduces me to one of their one favorite restaurants. number 1: they’re always good. number 2: they’re ALWAYS good.

As soon as I walked in and sat down I could tell this was Serpil’s “Symphony Sushi.” A go to, no fail, always awesome sushi spot. The waitresses came over and said hi, making it obvious this was not Serpil’s first time here. In fact not even the first time that week. I was a little overwhelmed by the huge menu, so decided to start with a house salad while absorbing the endless lists of maki. I’ve gotten in the habit of judging Japanese restaurants by how good their house dressing is. Every place has their unique blend and twist on the ginger flavored sauce. New Ginza passed! It had a hint of spice too, which gave it a nice kick at the end.

Then we went for the calamari. Nom.

Followed by the Ebi Mango Maki: cooked shrimp, mango, tempura crumb, with house special spicy sauce rolled with sliced mango on the top; and the B-52 Maki: combination of crabstick, yellowtail, avocado, scallions and flying fish roe in a double layer tempura roll.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Serpil ordered fried ice-cream. And WOW do I love fried ice-cream (it tastes much better than it looks obviously). Needless to say we forgot how depressingly gray and wet everything was in the real world outside of New Ginza, but by the time we left we didn’t care anymore. New Ginza you made our day!

New Ginza on Urbanspoon

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