Abbey Park | Milton Series | Part 1

nice ambiance...

Since graduating from Northeastern this past summer, I recently did a little relocating myself, moving to Milton just a couple weeks ago. I still spend most of my time in Boston but I’ve definitely been trying to take advantage of all the amazing places I used to eat and love when growing up right outside of Boston, along with a few new additions as well.

First up: Abbey Park. Abbey Park is one of the newer restaurants in East Milton Square, opening up where my favorite video store, Video To Go, used to be. They’re known for their modern take on american cuisine and tend to focus on seafood and local ingredients in their dishes. They also happened to be one of the only restaurants open in Milton over the Memorial Day holiday… so a few friends and I decided to try it out.

We decided to start with the BLT pizza. It was pretty good, but could have used a little less of the chive mayo. Other than that, it was the perfect app

B.L.T&C Pizza | Applewood smoked bacon, roma tomatoes, iceberg lettuce & chive mayonnaise

For our entree’s we all settled on different sandwiches. The waitress gave us the option of adding a cup of clam chowder for $2, and of course I said yes. A few minutes later it came out, and I have to be honest it was probably one of the best clam chowders I’ve ever had. It was so good in fact it got me thinking about Legal Sea Foods, and how they seem to always be voted Best Clam Chowder all the time, whether it be best Clam Chowder of Boston, Best Clam Chowder voted by the president, Best clam chowder in New England. Whatever. They always win. And I thought to myself “who’s making these votes?” I mean their clam chowders good, don’t get me wrong, but I’m willing to bet there’s better out there….

Clam Chowder

Then I had the Lobster Roll, which was also delicious. They definitely stood up to their “fresh seafood” reputation. There wasn’t too much mayo (Ding Ding Ding!!) and the roll had a crunch too it that I particularly liked. Unfortunately by this point I was close to stuffed and could barely finish, but It was definitely a Lobster Roll I’ll be back for, and for $18 dollars it’s almost a steal.

Lobster Roll

My friends ended up ordering the Crab Panini and  the Lamb Burger. The Lamb Burger got rave reviews from the table. With a good mix of mediterranean flavors and a hint of curry powder the burger itself was delicious, although the bread it came on was extremely overwhelming. Making it too big to fit in ones mouth, it was definitely the type of sandwich you have to eat with a fork. The Crab Panini was a little less fortunate and fell short of satisfying. The flavor combination sounded interesting at first but in reality turned out a little off. Their was something about the sandwich that just didn’t go, we couldn’t figure out what it was but it wasn’t really working.

Jumbo Crab Panini with spinach, farmers cheese and artichokes

Mediterranean Lamb Burger with feta & sun-dried tomato on toasted focaccia

As always, I had to look at the dessert menu, but I was so full I knew on this given day dessert was just not an option. But I’ll definitely be back to try out the cheese board!

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