Martin’s Coffee Shop, we like you

Martin’s Coffee Shop is a 50’s style diner / coffee shop on Harvard Ave. in Brookline. We’ve driven by it a couple times, we had a hunch it was going to be good, and it was delightful.

Saturday morning, Jacki and I were crusin’ the streets of Brookline in search of breakfast. Normally, Zaftig’s is our Brookline go-to, but that’s always out of the question on a Saturday at 11am. We passed by Martin’s and saw “Breakfast all day!” in the window and decided to check it out.

Martin’s is a long, narrow space with a bar spanning the entire right side. Most of the seats are at the counter and there’s a couple tables on the left. The breakfast menu was a traditional diner breakfast menu, with a ton of original creations as well. The Sicilian omelette (prosciutto, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms), for example:

The Sicilian was really good and packed with veggies (love that). The potatoes were really nice too. Jacki got the Martin’s special (2 poached eggs, english muffin, bacon, home fries, Hollandaise sauce), this was amazing. I’m usually not a huge fan of Hollandaise and I loved it. Martin’s special, for the win.

Everything was under $10 dollars, the coffee was excellent and the service was great as well. The only negative is Martin’s doesn’t accept credit cards.

So, If you find yourself in Brookline looking for a nice, cheap, quick breakfast, go to Martin’s and you will be happy.  🙂 .

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