Zaftigs Delicatessen | Your Own Jewish Mother in Brookline

Speaking of all day breakfast and Zaftigs… and no I’m not referring to a pleasantly plump woman with a full rounded figure, I’m referring to Zaftigs Delicatessen the acclaimed Jewish-style restaurant located in Brookline just a few steps from Coolidge Corner. Not only is it one of my favorite “breakfast all day” joints but it’s also home to one seriously delicious challah bread pudding.

Zaftigs is a casual diner-inspired deli featuring one of those enormously overwhelming menu’s that takes you more than a few minutes to look over. It usually takes me a little while to settle on what I’m going to order seeing as everything always looks SO good, but thankfully the servers bring out a slew of bagel chips upon arrival to curb your appetite while one tries absorbing all the offerings.

On any given weekend you’ll find yourself waiting in line with the rest of Boston to snag a table, lucky for me I happened to have a random Tuesday morning off last week, which screamed “perfect” for a quick trip to Zaftigs with my friends Will and Marcelo. Excitingly (and shockingly) enough, neither of them had ever been and I must admit one of my favorite things to do is introducing my fellow food lovers to a seriously good nom spot. I decided to settle on breakfast while the other two went for lunch…

MmmMMMmmm. I love Eggs Benedict! Will had the Hot Pastrami…

Marcelo tried their Reuben

Kosher is one thing this Jewish Deli definitely is NOT and thank God for that! Everything was delicious as always, and the service was great AND personable! If you don’t have time to stay for a whole meal you can always come in and order tons of meats, fruits, salad’s, baked goods and more “to go” from the deli counter at the front of the restaurant.

Zaftigs is definitely one of Boston’s Best for anything in nom’s, just check out the “kudos” page on their website. They even have an award from National Geographic!!! So do yourself a favor and believe the hype. If you haven’t been yet, GO! and don’t forget to grab a Carrot Cake Cupcake on your way out. Other favorites? The Banana Stuffed French Toast. Nom!

Zaftigs Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

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