Rendezvous | Saturday in Central Square

We planned the perfect Saturday night: start off with some apps and drinks at Craigie on Main, then head to Enormous Room after to dance it all off to the musical stylings of Flavorhead, one of our favorite local DJs. There were cheese plates to be had, cocktails to be sipped, desserts to be sampled, and asses to be shaken.

We knew the plan was foiled after taking one look at Craigie on Main. It was packed. There were people waiting outside, people waiting inside, the whole shabang. To our luck, it was booked for the entire night. The hostess told us not to even bother waiting. Sigh… You would think two food bloggers would have seen it coming… amateur mistake.

*It is very important to mention that the hostess at Craigie on Main gave us coupons for free cocktails for the next time we come. Gotta love great customer service.

For plan B we decided to check out Rendezvous across the street, we’d been meaning to try it out anyway. Rendezvous was packed too, but we got a table. One glance at the menu and we were all immediately relieved that good eating would not have to be sacrificed with plan B.

We started with the cheese plate, obviously. All these cheese were from Formaggio Kitchen. It was great, the white one in the front was a soft goat cheese, and the yellow one in the back is a hard Vermont cheddar. Both were awesome.

We also had the vegetable antipasto with roasted eggplant purée and muhummara (bottom left pic). This dish a medley of vegetables prepared different ways. There was a cucumber and parsley salad, eggplant puree in the middle, potatoes, carrots, olives and more. All items were equally awesome and unique. It was a great dish, fairly light and great for sharing.

The service at Rendezvous really impressed as well. When I asked our waitress, Christian, for a wine recommendation, she brought me three samples to try. One of the samples wasn’t even on the menu anymore, she just thought I would like it the best (which I did). She gave great recommendations on the food too.

For the main course we shared the Roast chicken with chanterelles, corn, summer beans and cherry tomatoes. We saw this dish arrive at the table next to us and the decision was made, just look at it. It tasted better than it looks. Chanterelles might be my new favorite mushroom, they’re the best.

Three people who were about to go out and dance after dinner SHOULD have stopped there, but we ordered THREE desserts instead. Unnecessary? Absolutely.

The clear winner for the desserts was the apple-cranberry crostada with honey-lavender ice cream (on the left). Crostada was the perfect name for it, it was like a mix between a crisp and a tostada or something, crunchy outside and soft, gooey filling inside, NOM. Cranberries + apples = greatness.

On the top right is the lemon-buttermilk pudding with huckleberry sauce. I’m not sure i’ve had huckleberry before Saturday, but it is great. This was like a creamier bread pudding in a fruit sauce. Well done.

Lastly, we have buttermilk panna cotta with black mission figs, spiced port syrup and almond praline. This was like… pudding. Blah, nothing special. None of us were huge fans of this one.

Overall, Rendezvous was great. We all loved everything, with the exceptions of the panna cotta, but I guess that’s the chance you take when ordering three desserts. The prices are a little steep, but the food makes it worth it.

Try it!

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