Noteworthy Noms | 2nd Edition

We’re back with this week’s noteworthy noms! Here’s my list of fun foodness from Boston and beyond:

1. The winners of the 2010 Taste Test Awards in the Artisanal category! Cooking Light searched the country for the best in food and drink from local Artisans. The first five items on the list are none other than CHEESE! I think I would kill for the Vermont Cheddar. It says the best states for cheese are Michigan, Vermont, Washington, Virginia and New Mexico. Time to plan a vacation?

(Image from Cooking Light)

2. It’s fall! That means changing menus EVERYWHERE! Boston restaurants are getting ready for fall and that means butternut squash, apple everything, mushrooms, and chili!! Check out Food and Wine’s list of fall recipes.  The wild mushroom soup will be happening sometime in the very near future.

(Image from Food and Wine)

3. I made my first poached egg! It was about time too, I was starting to feel like I couldn’t actually consider myself a chef without having poached an egg. It was long overdue.

It worked! Making a simple poached egg was easier than I thought, but it’s making the egg white really smooth around the outside of the yolk is difficult, mine were all textured a little too much.

4. The Boston Lobster Party is coming up and it looks amazing. You can get a regular ticket to the event for $35 or you can get a baller ticket for $46, which doesn’t get you anything extra, but you get to say your a baller, haha. At this Lobster party you get to try lobster dishes from various Boston restaurants and get to sample beers from 15 local breweries! Sounds great.

5. Speaking of Lobster, have you had the B&G Lobster Roll from Parish Cafe? It’s ridiculous. It is the lobster roll of lobster rolls. It’s on the expensive side (market price – which was $32 when I last ordered it), but it consists of two lobster rolls which enough for two people to be more than satisfied. The lobster roll is Parish Cafe’s rendition of Barbara Lynch’s Lobster Roll at B&G Oysters.

Two buttered and grilled hot dog rolls filled with fresh New England lobster meat, applewood smoked bacon, chopped romaine lettuce, tomato confit, and Hellman’s mayonnaise. This roll is overflowing with lobster meat, but the tomato confit is what really makes it stand out. The tomatoes have a flavorful, roasted, vinegary taste that is SO GOOD. Double NOM. Try it.

That’s it for Noteworthy Nomz, see you next time!

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One Response to Noteworthy Noms | 2nd Edition

  1. Maura says:

    That lobster roll looks phenomenal. There is a place in Ipswich called Choat Bridge Pub. It’s a little local place, but they have my favorite lobster roll. Nothing fancy like the one pictured, but it is all meat. So, so good. P.S. I hate how I’ve been seeing lobster rolls on fancy buns and rolls. Buttered hot dog rolls are a must!

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