Classy Bar Crawl

This past Thursday a bunch of us went on the Second Glass classy bar crawl! We got dressed up and drank good wine at Kingston StationPetit Robert Central, and Woodward at the Ames Hotel (we got there too late to make it to Bina Osteria, which I’m hearing was the favorite.. oh well). It was super fun, and I had never been to any of the three places before. Each spot had a special Boston Wine Week menu, where all glasses of wine (which are normally more expensive) were $9!

Highlights of the night:

Favorite bar: Kingston Station. They gave all bar crawlers a buffet of sliders, beet soup, and cheesy fries! The food was great, the wine was great and the atmosphere was fun.

The beet soup looked like shots of ketchup, but it was pretty good!

Our least favorite bar crawl companion: the girl in line behind us who screamed “don’t take all the cheesy fries” when the basket was full and still essentially untouched. Relax, you’ll get your fries.

Best Wine: 2007 C. Donatiello Chardonnay, Orsi Vineyard, Russian River Valley (at Kingston Station). This wine was phenomenal. It was a lighter, dryer Chardonnay that had a really great oaky flavor. Buy it here! (Image via).

Unexpected Hotspot: Woodward. This place was poppin’ off, and apparently has been Since January! I was previously unaware of this hotspot, probably because the crowd is a bit older than me, mostly singles in their 40’s. Anyway, the music was loud and the food looked awesome! I DEFINITELY need to go back to this place.

Cheese Award: Petit Robert Central, thank you for having a cheese plate to go with all that wine! You can order any of 5 cheeses, and each cheese is $3 – very reasonable for the quality of the cheese. We got Brie, Pont-l’Évêque (mild bleu cheese) and Bucheron (goat cheese) – all were wonderful. Will also ordered the French onion soup – and this was great as well, not too salty like 90% of French onion soups out there. Petit Robert Central was another happenin’ spot, the bar was packed! It looked like a great place for a date, or to take your parents to when they come to town, whichever comes first. The only thing I didn’t like about this place was the other patrons who were not participating in the bar crawl. They all seemed really annoyed that we invaded their bar. They thought they were too classy for our classy bar crawl, which was obviously impossible. Get over it.

After the Woodward, things start to get a little blurry. Don’t you just love waking up with pictures like this on your camera?

If this isn’t evidence of a great night, I don’t know what is…

Down side: this wine crawl got really expensive, really quickly. It probably cost me around $60 total for food and drinks, which a great deal higher than my mid-week drinking budget. Don’t get me wrong, I will participate in any future classy bar crawl, but it would be nice to have a set price at the beginning, and unlimited drinks at every bar? Wishful thinking, I know.

If I was being responsible, I would have just gone home after the bar crawl. Instead we decided to get dessert at Parish Cafe…

The cookie sandwich was worth it though.

I vote for a monthly classy bar crawl. Thanks to Second Glass, Social Boston Sports, Citysearch Boston and Boston Chefs for organizing the event!

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2 Responses to Classy Bar Crawl

  1. Sam says:

    awesome recap- sad i missed a fun night out with my girlfriends 😦

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