The Long and the Shortrib Stroganoff

After a week of rain / humidity / cloudiness / meh in Boston, we need something to get excited about. The answer my friends, is Stroganoff. Braised Beef Shortrib Stroganoff to be exact. My brother Tom, the chef, was the mastermind behind this recipe. He was inspired by the Beef Stroganoff Recipe in Thomas Keller‘s book, Ad Hoc at Home, which is a really great cookbook for home chefs who are bored with normal recipes, but are still too amateur to cook with advanced techniques, kind of like myself. The book consists of recipes from Keller’s famous restaurant Ad Hoc that are edited down for doable home cooking.

Stroganoff is a special occasion recipe for two reasons: (1) it takes two days to prepare (who has that kind of time?) and (2) it takes three hours to fully recover after eating, we’re taking serious food coma and taste bud stimulation. However, Stroganoff is worth every second you devote to it and more. Make it for your next dinner party, anniversary, celebration, or event and I promise your guests will be LOVING it.

Stroganoff is a Russian dish that has been around for centuries, it consists of beef in a cream sauce over noodles. Traditionally the sauce is made with sour cream, but Tom’s / Thomas Keller’s renditions are made with a mushroom cream sauce that is…so so so delicious.

This is a long one, but hang in there. ITS WORTH IT! Trust me.


  • 5 onions, chopped into large pieces – 4 for the shortribs (day 1), 1 for the sauce (day 2)
  • 1 cup carrots, chopped (large chunks)
  • 1 cup leeks, chopped (large chunks)
  • 4 lbs beef shortrib
  • 1/2 bottle of red wine
  • 2 quarts beef stock
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • thyme
  • peppercorns
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 lb crimini mushrooms, chopped
  • 2.5 cups of heavy cream
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1 lb assorted wild mushrooms (more if you really like mushrooms)
  • 2 oz crème fraiche
  • vegetable oil or grapeseed oil
  • parsley for garnish
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 lb pappardelle pasta

Day 1: prepare the shortribs

1. Debone the short ribs by cutting straight down along the bone

2. Next put salt and pepper on the shortribs and let it sit at room temperature for half an hour (the reason to pre salt and let sit out is if the short ribs are too cold they will cool the oil down too much and it wont sear properly

3. Now dredge the shortribs in salted flour

4. Preheat oven to 240°

5. Heat a large pan with oil (amount doesn’t matter becuase you dump out the excess in the end) and when it begins to smoke start to add the shortribs and brown on all sides

6. Remove the shortribs and dump the oil

7. Add 4 onions, carrot, leeks, thyme, garlic and bay leaves and pepper to pan and saute until tender

8. Put the shortribs back in and add the beef stock and wine until it covers 3/4 of the beef (if you are using an oven-save pan, use this – if not, transfer to a deep baking dish)

9. Put beef and vegetables in the 240° oven, cover with foil, cook for 10 hours (no that is not a typo, TEN hours)

10. Refrigerate the shortribs in the stock with all the vegetables until ready to reheat for serving

Day 2: everything else

For the Stroganoff sauce:

1. In a food processor, add the chopped crimini mushrooms and onion

2. Process until everything is thoroughly chopped

3. Heat a sauté pan to medium and add in enough butter to coat the bottom of the pan

4. Add the mushrooms and onion mixture, cook until there is no more liquid in the pan

5. Add the heavy cream, creme fraiche, some whole peppercorns and a sprig of thyme and reduce by half

6. Strain the liquid into a new pot and set aside, discard strained mushrooms and onion pieces

For the pasta: Bring a big pot of heavily salted water to a boil, add pasta, cook until it has a slight bite

To reheat shortribs:

1. Drain liquid from shortrib mixture, discard vegetables, save liquid.

2. Chop shortribs into cubes.

3. In a sauté pan add some of the braising liquid and gently bring to a simmer with the meat in the pan and then it can be held on very low for a while so do this whenever you have a chance

For the wild mushrooms:

1. They may need to be cleaned and trimmed before you start, depending on the wild mushrooms

2. Cut them all into relatively equal size so they cook evenly

3. Heat a sauté pan to extra high heat and add just a little bit of oil, because the pan is so hot the oil will coat the pan like a film

4. Add the mushrooms, thyme, a small knob of butter, and salt and pepper (don’t forget to salt!). Its important to not stir often so that they can develop a nice sear on the bottom

5. When they are done, drain them on a plate with a paper towl on it

To finish:

Add the pasta to a bowl and ladle enough sauce to coat the pasta evenly, place the shortribs and mushrooms around the top and garnish with parsley and cracked pepper. It is important to keep in mind the pasta / sauce ratio. Too much sauce will make the dish too heavy so be careful with this.

And there you have it! Beef / mushroom / pasta goodness that is just MWA! ::kisses top of fingers like cliche Italian chef::

Don’t hesitate to comment with any questions, I know this is a doozy.

Have at it!

– Meesh

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2 Responses to The Long and the Shortrib Stroganoff

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve made beef stroganoff before but never one as involved as this one… it looks so complex and flavorful. Nice step-by-step photos!

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