Founding Farmers | Washington DC | Part 2

Alas, somewhere amidst the busy-ness that is this week, I have found a moment to finally reminisce on the ridiculously good meal I had at Founding Farmers when I was in Washington DC just a couple weeks ago. Now everything I ate in DC was delicious, like I said my sister did well when it came to picking out ideal dining spots for us to nom at, but Founding Farmers… lets just say they were on a whole other level.

This is a restaurant that will remain in my top five forever. The type of place that really cares, and you can taste it. At the core of their mission statement lies their dedication to environmentally friendly practices in every aspect of their business. From the food to the decor, their outspoken devotion to the local farmers of America and their LEED certified architecture (meaning their establishement has minimal impact on the environment and it’s the first and only one in DC!)

It’s a great place for any occasion, including those with large parties (which is always a plus). They have lots of large communal tables, great for sitting with strangers OR for those situations which call for a large party of 12 or so. The servers are knowledgable, which they have to be considering the size of the menu which includes all things made from scratch. The array of small plates and large entrees is perfect to satisfy any level of hunger. Whether you’re just interested in drinks and a small plate, or are looking to try a whole slew of american inspired classic comfort foods, their menu offers a taste of everything. They also happen to serve breakfast 7 days a week, and we all know how I feel about place who serve breakfast 7 times a week. Love them!

Per usual, it took me a while to absorb the whole menu. Unfortunately for me it was just the two of us. Had there been more, I would have ordered 4 times as many dishes, but hey I guess this just means I’ll HAVE to go back for another visit. Because we were starving we quickly ordered the house salad with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, crouton’s and home-made buttermilk ranch dressing. MmmmMmm.

Probably the crispest lettuce, the freshest tomatoes and the creamy-est (and shockingly not too strong) blue cheese I have ever had! I usually don’t go for house salads, unless I’m at a Japanese restaurant because I LOVE ginger dressing, but this one was perfect.

They had an array of flat bread options that all sounded amazing. Prosciutto, fig and mascarpone. Pecorino white bean and smoked bacon. Salami, ricotta and home-made pesto. I know, I’m salivating too. After much deliberation, we settled on the creamy brie, onion jam and sliced organic apples. It was everything I dreamed it would be…. and more!

This flatbread was amazing. I’m obsessed! Since discovering it, it has been the inspiration for numerous fall appetizers. I’ve made mine the same way, and tried some other variations swapping in sliced pears and home-made fig/onion jam, and every time they come out great. With such a good mix of flavors, and of course cheese, it’s pretty hard for this dish to go wrong.

At some point I decided to try a cocktail. After a weekend of raging with 19 year olds, I really wasn’t feeling that tempted by the alcohol list, but they all did look delicious. I decided to order their Organic Cucumber Delight made with all organic vodka mixed with cantaloupe and cucumber. It was really refreshing. Like REALLY refreshing. I was not disappointed and almost wished it was Friday again and that I had it in me to order a few more. I also must mention that all their beverages are organic and homemade. All of them. Including the sodas. My sister ordered a ginger ale, which tasted nothing like the stuff that comes out of a Canada Dry bottle. It tasted more like the ginger you get on the side when ordering sushi. Fresh ginger. And it was so good! Very refreshing yet again.

I was really indecisive when it came to my main course. My sister decided on the ziti with homemade beef ragu almost instantly…

For whatever reason I felt a craving for burgers, and when it came my turn to order I cracked and decided to try the sliders. I know I should have tried something a little more unique, but I’ve been neglecting my love of burgers for a few weeks now, and figured now was as good a time as any to give in and get a good one. And they were good. Nothing out of the ordinary, but they were some pretty good sliders none-the-less. Rest assured I’ll try something a little more “WOW” next time.

Then came the dessert menu. OMG the dessert menu! One of the best I have ever seen. There were at least 5 different things I was drooling over after taking a quick glance. The donut holes, the strawberry shortcake, the banana split, AHHH. Since it was not my birthday, but rather my sisters, I let her pick. And there it was…

…one massively beautiful piece of Red Velvet Cake in all its glory. A glance and a bite and I was in love.

After all was said and done we left feeling great! I couldn’t believe that after such a big meal I didn’t feel like I had a huge rock resting in my stomach. It really does make a difference eating fresh locally farmed ingredients versus stuff from big corporations made with all those scary chemicals we hear about in movies like Food, Inc.

If I didn’t already plan on visiting my sister in DC out of sheer love for her, I definitely will be visiting more now that I know what resides just a block from her dorm. Founding Farmers, this is definitely not  the last you’ll see of me. Note to Boston – we need one of these stat!

*the header photo is of the restaurants lighting… yes the overhead lights are designed to look like clouds. And they’re adorable.

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3 Responses to Founding Farmers | Washington DC | Part 2

  1. Ali says:

    amazing write up on Founding Farmers, Jacki! I’m sitting in psych class and i want their food NOW. good thing i’m going back saturday to try their breakfast 🙂

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