Russell Orchards | Ipswich, MA

Yesterday my friend Anna and I ventured out to Russell Orchards in Ipswich, MA for some apple picking, foliage, and other fall activities. We had been trying to set a date to go apple picking for the past few weeks but due to clashing schedules, we didn’t make it out until yesterday.

Even though it was half raining and our friends had warned us both (separately) that the apples would be gone because it’s too late in the season, we gave it a shot anyway. When we saw people walking to their cars with handfuls of pumpkins, we had a feeling that apple picking wasn’t happening. We asked and sure enough, apple picking season had ended last week. Fail. Good thing Russell Orchard had tons of other activities to make our trip worth it.

Hayrides! They were only $3, so we had to do it. What’s a trip to the orchard without a hayride? We rode the hayride with all the screaming little kids and picture-taking parents. The hayride was great, until we drove by all the empty apple trees 😦 .

Even though apple picking season was over, we were able to pick apples (from huge crates inside the store).

Since everyone else was leaving the orchard with awesome pumpkins, we got some too. Pumpkin FOMO.

Mine is a cat with an abnormally long neck (and adam’s apple?), Anna made two stars. We’re talented, we know.

Russell Orchard is also a winery! They sell various fruit wines made from their own fruit. We tried three kinds of wine: wild blueberry red wine, pear white wine, and dry apple cider wine. We liked the blueberry the best – it was like merlot, but a little lighter and fruitier. The pear was a really light white that was good, but a little too light and watery for me. The dry apple cider was like a Magner’s without carbonation and very, very dry. This was not my favorite either. My judgement was flawed though, I’m in a red wine, and only red wine phase at the moment.

One of the staff members told us that Russell Orchard’s main attraction is the apple cider doughnuts. I believe his words were “if we don’t have doughnuts in stock daily, we’re finished.” One bite and I could see why, they were unbelievable. The texture was a little denser than Dunkin Donuts’ fluffy-inside doughnuts, and crispy-fried outer shell was so perfect. Ah, I want one now.

In the bakery/store, they also offer scones, apple cider (hot and cold), goat and cheddar cheeses, maple syrup, tea, gifts, bread, pre-made pies, pie crusts, pie filling, fruit vinegars and jams.

Russell also has farm animals… apparently the pigs can get pretty violent…

All in all, a great fall day. Russell Orchards is a cool place to check out. They have a ton of events and fruits to pick at different times of the year! Go go go, it’s fun even if you’re not 5 years old.

Ruseel Orchard is located at 143 Argilla Road, Ipswich, MA 01938.

Apple pie coming soon!

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2 Responses to Russell Orchards | Ipswich, MA

  1. Megan says:

    What an awesome way to spend that day. I love that tree with the gorgeous orange leaves! And I have an apple cider doughnut recipe on my blog… if you have a craving. 🙂

  2. anna says:

    great blog and great pumpkins! so fun. next year we can do research so you could write about the best TIME to go apple picking haha =D

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