Ginger Exchange | A Taste of Thailand in Inman Square

A few months ago I purchased a Buy With Me coupon I saw for The Ginger Exchange in Inman Square; a place I had only heard of but never been. Given my obsession with sushi and the good reviews I had heard, I decided to buy the deal as soon as I saw it. Fast track three months later and I still hadn’t used my coupon. Then the other day I received an e-mail saying it was about to expire. OH. Conveniently enough my recently-turned vegetarian boyfriend was free for a lunch date last Friday. Yes I know, the thought of becoming a vegetarian makes me depressed too. I’m currently counting the days until he relapses face first into a delicious burger; I’ll keep you posted on any progress. Anyways, back to the sush.

First thing I noticed was that their menu had TONS of lunch specials. Everything served in a bento box, and everything under $8. Pretty awesome considering it’s hard to find a sandwich that costs less than $8 these days let alone an entire meal served with appetizers, salad and soup. Nom. Of course, I had to get distracted by everything else that was awesome looking on the menu, and left with a bill no where near $8, but it was worth it.

We decided to start with the vegetarian Lett-U-Wraps with organic tofu.

"Lett-U-Wrap" Lettuce Wraps with Organic Tofu

They were good. The marinade they used with the tofu was pretty legit. But I’ll be honest, they weren’t as good as the ones at PF Chang. No that is not a typo. Yes PF Chang does have amazing lettuce wraps and yes they are only $4 if you eat them at the bar between 3 and 6 on any given weekday. And yes, I’m always down to go so don’t hesitate to ask!

Next up…

Thai Spring Rolls

Spring rolls! A must at any Asian restaurant. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love their veggies wrapped in crunchy goodness and served with a side of dipping sauce?

Then came the sush, starting with the veggie combo, which had an assortment of veggie rolls, sweet potato maki and Inari. For those of you who don’t know (which I didn’t until it showed up at the table) Inari is sushi rice wrapped in fried tofu… and it’s pretty awesome.

Veggie Combo | Veggie Maki | Sweet Potato Maki | Inari

Because I still love meat and fish alike, I ordered the the Pyro Seared Tuna Maki which had avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo inside and was topped with seared tuna and eel sauce. As I had suspected, I liked it a lot.


Pyro Seared Tuna Maki

For whatever reason I thought I was still hungry, so I ordered the Thai coconut curry lunch special for $6.45. Now that I think of it it was probably because it seemed pretty cheap at the time, or because I happen to love Thai coconut curry, or both. Whatever it may be, I’m glad I did. It was probably the best dish we ordered. Unfortunately I realized I was too full to really appreciate it but I’m glad I know Ginger Exchange serves up some seriously good Thai curry.


Thai Coconut Curry

By the time we got up to leave, around 2:15, the restaurant had filled up. It was noticeable that the majority of people were taking advantage of the cheap lunch specials, which I have to say were pretty impressive. The array of maki was impressive as well, and at night they offer a menu twice as big. It was a great, casual place and the bar was pretty big as well. Although I haven’t been there for drinks, it seems like the type of place that’s great for any time of day or night. Definitely worth checking out. They’ve also got some pretty witty window art.




Ginger Exchange on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Ginger Exchange | A Taste of Thailand in Inman Square

  1. Megan says:

    I live right down the street. It’s good to hear their lunch specials are pretty affordable. Usually when we’re deciding on takeout at night, we skip there because it’s pretty pricey for just a weeknight dinner. I always see interesting happy hour specials when we walk past though. I love the Cambridge roll… I think it’s hamachi and tempura and some other stuff. And I do need to try that tuna maki you mentioned because it sounds like a good switch from my usual caterpillar roll.

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