Delicious Discovery | Chocolove XOXOX

I’ve just fallen seriously hard for Chocolove Chocolate Bars. I discovered them the other night at the Coolidge Corner Movie Theatre, and I am officially obsessed. These premium Belgian chocolates are so unbelievably melt-in-your-mouth amazeballs I can’t even use real words to do them justice. With more than 15 different chocolate bars, ranging in flavors from classic milk chocolate to more unique ones like chillies & cherries or almonds & sea salt, these candies are uber-tasty.

I decided to try the toffee & almond bar which was unbelievable, as soon as it was gone I was fiending for five more. Being a sucker for all things adorable, the cute packaging is what initially drew me to the chocolove bars. What’s even better is that each bar comes with a different love poem tucked away inside; I’ll admit, I blushed a little when I read mine. So now that you’ve already housed all the Halloween candy you collected over the weekend it’s time to get yourself some chocolove. I promise, it’ll make your day 182729182 times better instantaneously. And if it doesn’t, well you can send any rejected chocoloves my way.

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One Response to Delicious Discovery | Chocolove XOXOX

  1. Megan says:

    I love the cherry, almond, dark chocolate one! And the love poems are such a nice touch.

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