Dia de Los Muertos Brunch | Toro

First there’s brunch. Then there’s Toro Brunch. THEN there’s Toro’s Dia de Los Muertos Brunch on Halloween.

Brunch events on holiday weekends make me so so so happy and last Sunday at Toro was no exception. It had all the essentials and then some…

Make your own bloody mary / maria? Check.

SO MANY PICKLES! pickles + pickled peppers, green beens and onions. (I love pickles.)

Milagro tequila cocktail menu? Check.

Specialty Mexican street food-inspired tapas? Check.

Food coma? Check.

This is the first restaurant that is deserving of two separate posts on this blog. Toro knows what’s up. Last Sunday Toro relocated its focus from Spain to Latin America to host a Dia de los Muertos brunch. This brunch featured a specialty tapas menu inspired by Mexican street food and sponsored by Milagro tequila. Just thinking about it makes me consider an impromptu trip to Toro right meow, even in the torrential downpour we are currently experiencing in Boston.

The Dia de los Muertos Brunch was upbeat and fun, exactly what my friends and I needed to end a crazy Halloween weekend. The customers all seemed to love it, the staff was dressed up in costumes, loud salsa music was playing, and they mummified the bull!

It really doesn’t get much better than that. Oh wait, yes it does. The food….

We started with some items from the specialty menu. Actually that’s a lie, we started with a pitcher of bloody marys, but it was gone before I had the chance to photograph it.

Top left: Quesadillas with Chihuahua cheese (soft, white cows milk cheese), chorizo, braised greens, pico de gallo. These lasted about 2 seconds before the plate was empty. My friends are not shy about grabbing for food, or about taking the last quesadilla. (Damn you, Jess.)

Top right: Carnitas taco with cola marinated pork shoulder, scallion crema, poblano relish. Eating this taco made me want to break out in song. “Oleeeee…” (in a deep male opera voice and Mexican accent) or something along those lines.

Bottom left: Taco de Gambas with marinated baby shrimp, avocado and cabbage slaw. This was good too – but we all agreed the carnitas was the best.

Bottom right: Poutine Mexicana. Yup, the Mexican version of cheesey, gravy fries. It happened. Fried potatoes tossed with chipotle, queso asadera and scallions. Asadera is a mild mexican cheese with an elastic texture and buttery taste. Fabulous.

Then we ordered some dishes from Toro’s normal brunch menu…

Top: Huevos ranchos – Eggs over easy, black beans, crispy tortillas, salsa roja and cotija cheese. Cojita cheese is a hard cow’s milk cheese from Mexico. This was my favorite egg dish the combination of flavors was perfect.

Left: Pimientos del Padron – hot green peppers with sea salt. These are so tasty and some of them were REALLY hot. 1 in 10 peppers are supposed to be hotter than the others, but this batch had a lot more than normal. I actually had to pour the coffee cream from the little saucer into a cup for my friend Erika to drink because she was in really bad shape. Waving hands around, red face, repeatedly getting up off her stool and sitting back down, “HELP!” etc. It was hilarious.

Right: Huevos con Salchichon – Scrambled eggs with grilled chorizo, patatas and sourdough toast. This was pretty standard, but the chorizo was unbelievable, juicy texture and spicy.

I didn’t eat again that entire day because I was so full. The food isn’t even particularly heavy, I just ate so much of it.

Bottom line – Toro can do no wrong and the special occasions are even better than usual.

Toro is located at 1704 Washington Street (at Mass ave) in the South End.

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4 Responses to Dia de Los Muertos Brunch | Toro

  1. Joanne says:

    Aww another awesome Beantown memory! I never went to the Dia de los Muertos festival there but oh my god does that food look amazing. So jealous.

  2. sethresler says:

    We went to Toro as well, and had a great meal! Never had bone marrow before, and banana milk might be my new favorite drink! Great photos!

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