Delicious Discovery | Culinary Circle | Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

This weeks delicious discovery goes to one seriously awesome condiment….

Culinary Circle’s Raspberry Chipotle cooking (and dipping) sauce. I was first introduced to it a few months ago when my friend Serpil had me over for dinner. We decided to make steak with asparagus and a few other veggie sides. Nothing crazy, we just wanted to grill on the grill we’d just spent an hour putting together (yeah we’re kind of handy like that). When everything was done, to my surprise, she brought out several condiments for dipping sauce. And no I don’t mean ketchup or A1, were talking homemade spicy mayo, pepper-horseradish sauce, and then came the Chipotle Raspberry sauce.

One bite and I fell in love. She was shocked I’d never seen it before, as it’s a vital staple at almost all her meals. The mix of hot chipotle and sweet raspberry’s had me immediately hooked.  Upon looking at the Culinary Circle website I was excited to see they have TONS of unique flavored marinades like Poblano Chile Lime BBQ, Applewood Honey Mustard, Lemon & Peppercorn and more. It may be safe to say I’ll never look at a bottle of plain old BBQ sauce again.

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