Island Creek Oyster Bar | Kenmore

I’ve always loved Eastern Standard, mostly because they make a crazy good bread pudding AND they’re always open late night for those times when you just can’t stomach eating a $9 street sausage. That’s why when I heard they were opening Island Creek Oyster Bar I knew I had to check it out. Granted, I really don’t like oysters, but whatever I still find the need to always try them and I knew there would be other stuff on the menu I would love. Conveniently enough, my friend and I went out for a dinner date the other night (which ended up lasting over 4 hours) and she suggested we go to ICOB. Ding!

We got there and I was immediately taken by the decor. Everything was steel and modern looking, with the entire back wall covered in a mosaic made of oyster shells. Gorgeous!!

Since I am not an oyster connoisseur I let Jess do the ordering…

We started with a half-dozen order of Oysters, with a sample of Island Creek and Kumamoto’s. Although I was kind of grossed out by the whole experience (yes I still find oysters to be cold, slimy, salty, meh), I must say that those looking for a good raw bar will love this place; the number of options they have is just ridiculous. There are SO many! And everything tastes so fresh, but yeah.. still not that into oysters.

Then the chef sent out this little gem… to be honest I have no idea what it was. Sort of tasted like shrimp ceviche and ginger….

Then we tried the red snapper tartare which came paired with homemade potato chips. This was perfect, such a great, light appetizer. Not to filling, just a good snack. Sort of like a new age chips and dip.

Ohh and the cod cheek fritters. Nom!

We didn’t end up eating that much because we had so much fun drinking and talking. ICOB is pretty pricey, but what can you expect when dining in the Commonwealth Hotel; it’s definitely worth it! It’s certainly not a place for drunk sox fans looking for greasy burgers and hot dogs, but if you’re looking for a classier bar to grab a beer before the game, it’s the perfect destination. I will surely be back with some of my sea-foodies in the near future as I work my way through their lengthy paper menu, which was so adorable I’m mad I didn’t steal a copy.

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2 Responses to Island Creek Oyster Bar | Kenmore

  1. Daisy says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great things. I love oysters so I can’t wait to check this spot out!

  2. Emily says:

    Like you, I’m not a big oyster fan – but I have really wanted to check this place out for drinks! Thanks for motivating me 🙂

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