Blunch | Newest Sandwich Shop Obsession | South End

I have to be honest, I absolutely hate the name Blunch. It doesn’t make any sense to me, we already have a name for combining breakfast and lunch and it’s called my absolute favorite meal of the day brunch. But seriously, Blunch?! It sounds like “Blaahh” and “Lunch” had a baby, and I can’t say that’s a good thing.

Bad names aside, there is one seriously delish sandwich shop hidden inside the horribly named Blunch on Harrison St. It’s the type of place every person hopes and dreams is in their neighborhood, preferably on the corner of their block. Convenient for a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner or just dessert, they serve a variety of breakfast sandwiches (which are available all day long) along with pressed paninis, soups, salads and a selection of homemade pastries. It’s perfect for take-out, seeing as their small space only seats about a dozen or so, and the staffs friendliness is almost infectious.

I’ll be honest, I was beyond overwhelmed when I looked at the menu. This always happens when I look at menus, but today I was a little rushed. Then it was my turn to order and I was totally stumped. I’m not going to lie, I saw the word bacon and went with it…Behold the Wilbur! Stacked high with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and spicy mayo on thick white bread. It’s your typical BLT… with an upgrade that is. In my eyes bacon is what Justin Bieber is to pre-teens. Add spicy mayo, and forget about it. You could serve it to me on day old bread and I’d probably still love it. Fortunately, Blunch didn’t do that, they served it on some crazy-good Texas toast that rivaled that of Friendly Toast‘s.

I also got to sample the Provencal with goat cheese, tomato, black olive puree, artichoke hearts, crisp greens and basil pesto on a crunchy baguette. Excellent vegetarian option, and just excellent in general. Although it still doesn’t stand a chance against bacon.

Blunch is also home to a few other awesome treats, like the quiche cup. It’s essentially an omelet stuffed into a cupcakes body. They’re adorable, and I am obsessed with eggs and all things cute and little, therefore I love quiche cups as well.

There’s more than a handful of sandwiches I’ll be back to try, including the Meltdown; a triple grilled cheese made with cheddar, swiss, fontina, and boursin. And with reasonable prices, there’s no reason not to go back. Most of the sandwiches are around the $7 range while sweets like bread pudding and homemade croissants go for $2 each. Don’t be discouraged by the name, which in my opinion does it no justice, Blunch is a great no frills cafe with a lot of options. If you find yourself looking for a quick bite to-go in the South End, you wont be disappointed.

*half-way through writing this post I found the definition of “Blunch” on…. after reading it I laughed. Which made me like the word a little more, but not for naming a restaurant haha.

Blunch on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Blunch | Newest Sandwich Shop Obsession | South End

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve never even heard of Blunch before. I can’t wait to check it out! P.S. The Urban Dictionary definition is HYSTERICAL!

  2. One of my friends is obsessed with Blunch, I have to get over there and try it myself!

  3. Emily says:

    Ha – if “Blaahh” and “Lunch” had a baby, that’s awesome. This place looks great… I need to motivate and get myself to the S. End for a whirlwind eating tour!

  4. I can’t stop staring at Wilbur! OMG, I want bacon bacon bacon!!!

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