Mystery Meet #7 | Hell Night at East Coast Grill

Last night Mystery Meet held its 7th event! Last Monday they sent out their e-mail to subscribers with a handful of hints relating to January’s Mystery Meet location. This month’s clues  were…

  1. If you can’t take the heat, get your ass outta the kitchen.
  2. No, seriously. It’s going to be hot. You’ve been warned.
  3. Adam Richman was here.
  4. Milk = $5/glass.
  5. This restaurant defeated Japan, France, Venezuela and the deep South in last year’s Munch Madness.

After reading through them quickly I immediately thought of East Coast Grill‘s infamous Hell Night. The event, which happens two times a year, is almost impossible to get a ticket for. People often times spend hours hitting redial on their phone just to reserve a table to partake in the tormentingly spicy dishes at ECG that are only offered on this special occasion. It’s been featured on countless television shows, and won multiple awards, and now I was going to go. I quickly texted my self-proclaimed spicy-loving friend Darius to see if he was free on January 11th and as soon as he said “yes” (seconds later) I reserved us two spots.

Meesh had already been to Hell Night before, having gone for the first time a few weeks ago with a couple of food bloggers, so I was somewhat prepared on what to expect. I met up with Amanda of Tales from a Kitchen Misfit and Nicole of I am a Honey Bee beforehand for a beer at Bukowski’s then we headed next door to ECG at 8. Mystery Meet had it’s own private room, with large tables meant for 6. We picked one, and as I was seated I was handed a waiver to sign…

Then I took a minute to look over the menu…. YOWZA that’s a lot of spicy ish!

All the appetizers were served family style, and then we were given the option of mahi mahi or grilled pork chop for our entree. First up was the Russian Roulette Style Spicy Meatball Challenge. A plate full of tiny meatballs was placed in front of us, seven in total. We were warned that on a scale of 1 to 10 most of the meatballs were at a level 2, while one in every three meatballs was a fiery 10.

Somehow Nicole and I ended up being the lucky ones with the 10-scale balls and OH MY GOD they were spicy. It was the type of spicy hotness that sits in the back of your throat, where it lingers for 15 minutes. I tried chugging my beer, but it was no match for that scary scary ball of horror.

Next came the Smokin’ Hot Pork Spare Ribs which were said to be around a 3-scale on the spice-o-meter. Lies! For me these were just as hot as the meatball. The glaze had a sweetness to it which was so delicious, but I still couldn’t get past the fact that my mouth was on FIRE. I literally felt like I was breathing fire. I was crying. I was sweating. It was embarrassing. But I wasn’t the only one so I guess it was okay.

You can imagine my horror when out came the Wings of Mass Destruction, which were ranked a 7.To be honest, the wings weren’t that bad. Made with Ghost Chile Oil and aromatic herbs, I expected to really start crying after biting into one of these but they were really good, I squeezed a little lime over them and started to notice a sense of feeling coming back to my taste-buds.

Then came the Korean Fried Chicken Thigh with apple kim chee. The first bite was way too hot. Not picante (as in spicy) just calienete (as in temperature), which didn’t fair well for my already burning mouth. After giving it a few minutes to cool off, it was delicious. The apple kim chee was my savior as it made everything cooler, and the chicken itself wasn’t run crying to your mom too spicy. And neither was the sauce, to my delightful surprise.

By the time our actual entrees came, out I was shocked. I really didn’t think my mouth could handle anymore, or my stomach for that matter. Darius and I 2shared the Jamaican Jerk Grilled Pork Chop with Curry Sweet Mashed Potatoes and Cumin Seared Greens. That yellow sauce on the side is banana guava ketchup mixed with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce. Don’t let any part of the “Banana Guava” fool you, that sauce was completely out of control. Like a mix of the spiciest mustard you ever had and Wasabi.

The pork chop itself was delicious, the number of seasonings that went into that thing must be uncountable. It was great, but alas I was stuffed. But that didn’t stop me from also trying the complimentary side of Fried Plantains

So yum, and not spicy, just delish!

Then arrived the Latin Spiced Grilled Mahi Mahi, which was probably my favorite dish of the evening; served with mango chile mojo, grilled pineapple and hot spinach with rice n’ beans. With just a 2 point rating on the spicy scale, I found this dish to be perfectly seasoned. Just the type of spicy I like, which in comparison to everything else we ate, was not spicy at all. The sweetness of the mango chile and the pineapple were refreshing.

Oh and Dessert, which is always my favorite part of the meal, but after Hell Night especially. It was a Mango-Berry Crisp with vanilla ice cream. Sigh. The perfect end to the evening, and after everything my mouth had been through it was so nice to be eating Ice Cream. MmmmMmmm.

Overall it was such an awesome experience, and now I totally understand why people wait by the phone just for a chance to torment themselves with these ridiculously spicy offerings. Although quite the torturous evening, this was by far my favorite Mystery Meet to date. Seth, who is the brains behind the monthly dinner event, hinted that there will be more and more Mystery Meets in the coming months, it may even turn into a bi-weekly affair. Check our their site and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next event!

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16 Responses to Mystery Meet #7 | Hell Night at East Coast Grill

  1. I was there too, sorry we didn’t get to meet! I thought I could say hi to everyone after dinner but didn’t have the chance. I really had fun too and loved the food. Hope to meet you some other time!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love Hell Night! I’ve been at least five times and I always have a blast. Glad to hear you had such a great time at Mystery Meet!

  3. sethresler says:

    Thanks for coming! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I don’t know about you, but I spent a good portion of the day recovering!

  4. Such a GREAT time! I just finished telling my Dad about it and he totally wants to go to the next Hell night!

  5. Darius says:

    Milk is for quitters

  6. Daisy says:

    I like spicy foods but this is something I’m not sure I would enjoy?! The food looks great and I love ECG don’t get me wrong, but burning my mouth off at hell night kinda scares me.

  7. Emily says:

    I totally suspected this was the location of MM this week. I went to Hell Night recently and loved it! The Russian Roulette meatballs were so much fun. Glad you enjoyed!

  8. Tania deLuzuriaga says:

    Man, this is my nightmare. Not a huge fan of spicy. But I do love East Coast Grill…

  9. Joanne says:

    wow this sounds like one seriously crazy awesome event! I’m a serious spice lover so I’m going to have to look into attending some time! I’m glad that you and your tastebuds survived…mostly unscathed.

  10. s. says:

    This post made me very happy. Definitely need to make it down to ECG for one of their hellish nights.

  11. looked amazing spicy and delicious! I love that you had to sign a waiver 🙂

  12. Soo-Young says:

    i always wanted to go to this while i was in boston!
    by the way, you two are killing it with this blog.
    love you girls 🙂

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