Hungry Mother | Southern Comfort Food | Kendall Square

My mom was pleasantly surprised, and quite entertained, when I told her I made a reservation at Hungry Mother in Cambridge for her Birthday. My sister, my STBSD Tom (soon-to-be step dad), My mom and I made our way to Kendall Square eager to see what Southern Comfort was all about.

After looking at the menu and honing in on items like Rabbit Pate, Grilled Squid and Deviled Eggs, my mom had her doubts about how hungry she really was. But once I took control of the situation, ordering a few appetizers for the table including Shrimp and Grits, Croque Monsier Biscuits and the Roasted Squash Soup, her appetite came back full force.

The Shrimp and Grits definitely took the cake for best appetizer, the tangy BBQ sauce was so tasty and paired perfectly with the bland grits and the semi-sweet corn bread croutons. This appetizer came as a twitter recommendation courtesy of Whole Foods RVR, and I’m glad they gave me the heads up. Although I’m normally not a fan of grits (having only tried them with breakfast items before) they complimented the mini-shrimp and the rest of the ingredients, completely changing my perspective on the grainy cornmeal.

The ham and cheese biscuits, cooked in a skillet, were also memorable appetizers. They were tiny, so we ended up ordering two, and to be honest I could have probably ordered two more.

Both my mom and Tom ordered the Chicken and “Dumplings” with French gnocchi, carrots and collard greens. It was a very succulent and beautifully cooked piece of poultry. I loved the gnocchi dumplings, which were so thick and dense and awesome.

My sister tried the Pineland Farm Steak, and I decided to go with the Pork and Beans, a savory bourbon braised pork shoulder rancho gordo pinto beans, carrots and sweet onions. This dish was crazy flavorful, and the sauce in which it sat was unbelievable. The pork itself was a little on the fatty side for my likings, but other than that it was very well executed.

The hardest part of the meal was dessert; given our heated discussion you would have thought we were a small jury determining someones fate via our verdict. They had a Peppermint Stick Sundae, Creme Brulee, A Chocolate Layer Cake and a steamed bread pudding special. Given my infatuation with bread pudding, I was partial to the special but I was out voted and so we tried the Peppermint Sundae with chocolate sauce, waffle cone and marshmallows and the Apple Pie topped with salted caramel and brown butter ice cream.Have a mentioned I love mini pies? Especially this one  because it was stuffed with apples and covered in a crunchy streusel topping. It was so so so good! As was the peppermint sundae (although it wasn’t my personal favorite, it was a HUGE hit with the rest of the table)

There was no denying the quality of the food and service at Hungry Mother. The place is small, but they seemed to be taking quite a bit of walk-ins especially in the bar area. The decor itself is quite cozy, and you almost feel like you’re in someones house. The atmosphere paired very well with the food: warm and comfortable. It was perfect for the occasion, and I thank the restaurant for not only impressing my mom but also keeping her faith in me and my knack for introducing her to delicious new dining destinations.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you obviously  don’t have to wait till your own hungry mother ages another year. I definitely recommend checking it out before and/or after a movie in Kendall Square. It’s literally right next door to the theater and they offer you film tickets at a discounted price which they’ll pick up for you during your meal. If that’s not a great excuse for dinner and a movie then I don’t really know what is.

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8 Responses to Hungry Mother | Southern Comfort Food | Kendall Square

  1. Hungry Mother is one of my faves in that area. I’ve done the movie deal a few times. A great date night!

  2. Tom Dolan says:

    Very sad that the Peppermint Sundae is not getting the love it so richly deserves. 😦

  3. Michelle says:

    Hungry Mother is one of my favorite restaurants in the Boston/Cambridge area. We have a gift card there that still hasn’t been used and I need to make a return visit soon!

  4. Megan says:

    Hungry Mother is so cozy and the food has always been great when I’ve gone. I’ve also tried that gnocchi, and I think I’ve had the ham and cheese biscuits too. My favorite part of the meal was the little cookies they bring over after dessert though. So happy you and your fam had a nice dinner there!

  5. Joanne says:

    This is southern comfort gone wild and gourmet! I love southern food so I’m sure I would fall for this place head over heels!

  6. Soo-Young says:

    i love how you get so many comments now!
    liked this one.
    i want to go.

  7. Emily says:

    Hungry Mother makes me proud of my neighborhood. It is such a fantastic restaurant – next time you’ll have to try the bartender special cocktails. You give the waiter an idea of what you like and bartender goes crazy to whip up something unique. It’s really cool.

  8. I have been wanting to go to Hungry Mother for so long! It all looks scrumptious!

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