Todd English’s Olives | Las Vegas, NV

Walking into the Bellagio (rainbow!!!)

O Hai! Greetings from the fabulous Las Vegas. My apologies for the lack of posting, I have been busy for work (not blog work, real work) at a trade show. I came out here last Friday with some friends from high school for the weekend then come Monday it was non-stop work. THEN my flight home got cancelled because of the snow! Not the worst place to be stuck, but I am definitely ready to come home. The sound of slot machines gets really annoying after awhile.

Olives View (the first time I went, about a year ago)

I’ve been to some pretty great restaurants here (Firefly on Paradise, Switch, Mesa Grill), but Olives was the only one where it was appropriate to bust out my camera and take some good pics. After walking the trade show for 9-10 hours, people are NOT willing to wait for pics when the food arrives. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in one more good restaurant with pics before my flight tonight (red eye = boooooo).

P.S. I read that the Boston branch closed…anyone know the deal with that?

Anyway…OLIVES! Olives is located in the Bellagio right behind the fountains, the view is picturesque Vegas with the Paris Eiffel Tower in the background. Obviously the meal starts with some olives and olive spread. The big green olive there was the best olive I’ve ever had. When I ordered a bloody mary, the waitress asked me if I wanted a regular one or the Olives special one. Being both hungover and obsessed with bloody marys, I opted for the special one. Duh. It was amazing, it had this salty, tangy bite and it was a little spicy. More olive taste than tomato taste. When my friend tried it, she actually sent back her bellini (which fell short in comparison) and ordered one for herself.

Beef Carpaccio: crispy roquefort polenta, balsamic reduction, cipollini onions,
scallion cream, garlic aioli, parmesan | Wedge Salad | Bronx Bomber Flatbread: pepperoni, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, roasted tomato sauce

That beef carpaccio = best I have ever had, hands down. I’m serious. I’ve had some great carpaccios in my day, but the flavor in this one was beyond exquisite. It was rich and creamy from the white sauce on top but still had the classic balsamic and Parmesan flavors there too. Also it was sitting on top of a polenta log which lent a crunchy texture to the dish. It was srzly swoon worthy.

The wedge salad has pickled onions and grated bleu cheese. Because the bleu cheese was grated so finely, it was evenly spread out over the salad, which made it less intense and much better than crumbled bleu cheese. Win. The pizza was pretty standard, buffalo mozzarella and pepperoni and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Butternut Squash Tortelli: amaretto cookies, sage, brown butter, parmesan cheese | Ricotta Ravioli: roasted tomato basil sauce, sweet Italian sausage, garlic bread crumbs, shaved pecorino

Now for pasta. These were great for sharing. The butternut squash, oh man, it was rich. By rich I mean trillionaire, the richest of the rich. The sauce was smooth and the squash was like biting into fudge or something. I could only eat one bite, but that bite was pretty phenomenal. The ricotta ravioli was by far my favorite though. The picture doesn’t do it justice, I should have taken a picture of the ravioli cut in half to show the ricotta, it was light and fluffy – the lightest ricotta I’ve ever had. More spongey than creamy, not creamy at all actually. And the tomato sauce was sweet from the sausage and paired perfectly.

We had a cheese plate for dessert, but that is all I will say for now. You’ll have to wait until Food Porn Friday to see what that was all about.

Stay tuned, stay warm and stay fresh to death. See y’all back on the East Coast!

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3 Responses to Todd English’s Olives | Las Vegas, NV

  1. Daisy says:

    I had no idea the Boston Branch was closed! anyways, I’d totally go now if I could. everything sounds so amazing!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve sadly never been to Olives – in Boston or in Vegas – but it looks truly wonderful!

  3. Katie says:

    Olive’s Bloody Mary and Beef Carpaccio FTW! Picture of Ricotta Ravioli def doesn’t do it justice!

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