Sam La Grassa’s Infamous Sandwiches

Sam LaGrassa’s, home to the number one sandwich in the world… or so they say. They base this off of their one location on Province St. in Downtown Boston, and although I can’t say I fully agree with the bold statement they place on their sign (seeing as I have yet to try every sandwich in the world), there is still no doubt that they make one hell of a hoagie. Specializing in all things slow-cooked, their menu is stocked with specialty sandwiches like the Pastrami Po’ Boy and the Jumbo Reuben.

The answer to any meat lovers prayers, Sam LaGrassa’s is notoriously packed during any and all weekday lunch hours, but the line moves fast and the end result is beyond worth it. I recently stopped by for lunch and had what I think may be may favorite sandwich there to date, allow me to introduce to you the Texas Beef Brisket.Made with melt-in-your mouth, oven-roasted beef brisket topped with chipotle mayo, Swiss cheese and cole slaw, all sandwiched between two slices of grilled pumpernickel bread. Sigh. One bite and I was hooked. I know it looks messy, and you’re right, it was. Almost every sandwich at Sam’s is the size of your face, making them conducive to serious sloppiness and instant food coma.

The other sandwich I sampled that day, after stealing a few bites from a friend, was the Pastrami Po’ Boy. Another first for me, this one is made with Rumanian pastrami served on a french round roll with honey mustard and Swiss cheese. A simple combination, yet the quality of each ingredient is so well made that the sum of its parts is almost overwhelming. And hey they don’t call it famous Rumanian pastrami for nothing. Sweet and salty with just a bit of cheesy goodness, this was a bi-winning lunch break on all accounts.

Sam Lagrassa's on Urbanspoon

44 Province St.
Financial District

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6 Responses to Sam La Grassa’s Infamous Sandwiches

  1. I don’t usually like pumpernickel but I could totally get into that brisket sandwich. This is making me want an early lunch.

  2. Sam says:

    havent eaten there since my first co-op but used to love that place- my boss did a lot of online sports betting, and when he won big he would treat the team to lunch at Sam’s – SO GOOD

  3. Megan says:

    oh ma gawd. That’s how my voice changes when I see sandwiches like that. I just had lunch and this is making me hungry!

  4. Michelle says:

    LOVE Sam La Grassa’s. My office is right around the corner from there!

  5. Seth Resler says:

    This is Jordan’s favorite sandwich shop! She raves about it!

  6. Alicia says:

    We used to get Sam LaGrassa’s for catered lunch from time to time. I always loved it but knew I wouldn’t get much work done in the afternoon. The food coma is a guarantee but oh so worth it!!

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