Italian and Latin Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 1

As you may have heard me mention before, my brother Tom is a culinary student at Johnson and Wales. (Cha-ching!) Every Sunday Tom and all his chef friends get together for an all day cooking and drinking fest in Providence appropriately dubbed ‘Sunday Funday.’ Each week they cook according to a specified theme such as small animals, pork, Spanish tapas, classic Italian, etc. The participants contribute either in the form of food, drink, or photography, and everything is pretty much epic. I’m talking full pig butchering, deep frying, homemade sausage, hours upon hours of slow cooking, pickling, and more stuff I probably don’t even know about. (You too can see all the culinary greatness by friending ‘Sunday Funday’ on Facebook here.)

Just some of the previous SF antics (photos courtesy of  John Ellingwood)

I had been meaning to come to Providence to join the party as I get major FOMO every week when the pics go up. Due to one particular terrible hangover and no time whatsoever I never got a chance to hang out until last Sunday which just so happened to be my birthday! It was the perfect way to celebrate, plus I got to pick the theme! I couldn’t decide between Italian and Latin — my two favorite cuisines, so I decided to challenge the boys and throw a curveball: Italian and Latin fusion. Oh yes oh yes OH YES.

The Bloody Andre (photo courtesy of Justin Hall)

While the meals were prepped, we started with a blood orange champagne cocktail. Lately I’ve been absolutely determined to make a great cocktail with blood orange and a random recipe I found online with blood orange juice, Cointreau, and champagne looked easy enough (we went for the always classy extra dry Andre). Although juicing 20 blood oranges was definitely NOT easy, the rest of the recipe was and the finished product was FAB. We called it the “the bloody Andre.”

Trials and tribulations of juicing blood oranges (and getting distracted by the pet frogs)

Since most of the food took all day to cook, we assembled a cheese plate for…breakfast?

Parmesan cheese, La Tur cheese (Italian, from Piedmont – creamy blend of sheep, goat and cow’s milk), Vermont Creamery semi-salted butter (the log shaped one), marinated mushrooms, roasted red peppers, green apples, chef’s prepping.

There really is no better birthday present than a huge block of Parmesan. It’s seriously like crack to me, I think I ate only Parmesan until it was done before moving onto the other cheese. I have a problem. Sigh. And now for the first dish!

Saffron and sundried tomato arancini with manchego and a spicy hierloom tomato and cilantro sauce

That’s a mouthful (literally) but a great one, these deep fried risotto balls did a great job blending Italian and Latino. The sauce tasted like an Italian salsa almost, and the manchego totally transformed the taste of the arancini away from Italian. Bravo, Justin. Very creative.

Ok, that’s it for now, I’ll give you guys a break before I show the rest of the dishes. Food coma paused for now. I’ll finish wrapping up this fabulous day ASAP! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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5 Responses to Italian and Latin Fusion Sunday Funday | Part 1

  1. Daisy says:

    sunday funday pvd style sounds like so much fun. i love how you challenged them to fuse latin and italian! bravo to that arancini!

  2. RIKI says:

    I’ve never had so many people tell me different ways to juice an orange!!! I think the fork method wins.

  3. This looks like an incredible way to spend a Sunday. I love La Tur, drool. 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    I loved all of these photos on your Facebook. This looks like the perfect Sunday Funday!

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