Cocktails and Small Bites at Bergamot

I finally made my way to Bergamont the other night to meet a friend for drinks. Named after a certain type of orange popularly used in aromatherapy, I had been meaning to check out this restaurant ever since I heard of its opening not too long ago. For months I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews regarding chef/owner Keith Pooler’s innovation, creativity, and attention to detail – right down to the delicious homemade focaccia they bring to every table with honey butter.

I was the first to arrive and so I decided to kill time while sipping a Momisette Sour.

Made with Genever, Pastis, Orgeat and Classic Egg White Sour, I literally had close to no idea what I was ordering when I ordered it. I was mainly intrigued by the egg white sour, and in an attempt to steer clear of anything sweet I thought it could be interesting. Plus I was feeling a little adventurous; I’m a firm believer that taking chances is a good thing and more often than not things turn out well, or at least not horrible enough that you can’t somehow bounce yourself back, and this decision totally supported that theory.

The raw egg-in-cocktail movement definitely gets my vote! Whipped into perfection and topping off what was a seemingly light and refreshing libation, I thoroughly enjoyed this drink. The Pastis definitely had its own strong, distinct flavor which left you with an after taste of licorice (which isn’t a flavor I necessarily favor), but I thought the hints of almond and citrus from the Orgeat, and the smoothness of the egg white, balanced it well. If you’re not a fan of gin, this may not be for you, but I was personally a fan of the forward-thinking blend.

Not long after, what was supposed to be just drinks turned into drinks and apps (naturally) after taking one look at the menu and realizing there was absolutely no way I was leaving without trying something. Being indecisive between the Bacon and Egg special and the Lobster Melt, I asked the bartender for some advice. What I got, was a passionate declaration for the amazingness that was the Lobster Melt, to what he deemed was the best thing on the menu. It was hard to go back after that, and so I went for it. But before it came to the table, something else arrived first. A mouse bouche of of pulled Duck Breast.

Savory AND light. I don’t even know how, it just was. It was such a nice surprise I was almost tricked into thinking it was Christmas, which in reality wasn’t far off from what I was experiencing. Then came our apps, first up: The Lobster Melt

The epitome of comfort food basking in all it’s glory. It may not be particularly attractive and/or photogenic but neither is gluttony which is sort of what this sandwich makes me think of. But gluttonous in a good way. Thick, creamy, rich, buttery and ridiculously over-indulgent. It was a wayy heavier route than I initially planned on taking, but I have no regrets. It was phenoms!

I also happened to notice that the menu offered quite a nice variety for those amongst us who choose to be herbivores, which brings me to the Vegetable Quesadillas.

The perfect counterpart to the high-calorie yielding Lobster Melt, the quesadillas were light, crisp and crunchy with just enough oooey-gooey cheese to satisfy my never-ending queso cravings. The tortillas were stuffed with spinach, roasted mushrooms, oven-dried tomatoes, black beans and cheese. On the side was a jam made from caramelized onions for dipping. Combined the two made a perfectly unpredictable pairing that went together so well. Adding a sense of sweetness to the dish that wasn’t overpowering at all. The power one has of taking such a simple dish and mastering it in a way no one else has. Although you can’t see or hear me, I am giving Bergamot a round of applause right now.

Devastated that I wasn’t more famished (in which case I probably would have ordered half the items on the menu) I had to cut myself off from trying the sweet potato gnocchi or going all out on the “Blackboard” special they offer almost every night which includes a 3-course pri-fixe menu that changes daily for just $29. Bergamot is certainly not your typical restaurant, its a whole  lot more. From the servers to the chefs, it’s obvious the staff here take pride in what they do and where they work, as they should! It translates into every part of the experience, and these guys know what they’re doing. They’re not afraid to take chances with their unlikely combination’s and hat’s off to them because it’s definitely working in their favor.

*I must also add that for a place this good, the prices are shockingly reasonable. GO NOW!

Bergamot on Urbanspoon

118 Beacon St.
Somerville, MA

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4 Responses to Cocktails and Small Bites at Bergamot

  1. Megan says:

    Don’t ever go to Bergamot again without getting dessert!! 🙂 It’s phenomenal.

    I’ve never sat at the bar and was so excited to see your pics of the bar offerings. I must get the lobster melt and the veggie quesadillas at some point… and I also have been wanting to try the bacon and egg forever.

  2. Daisy says:

    I’m a big fan of egg white drinks. I must try that! and everything else on the menu so it seems!

  3. Dan says:

    Ive always wanted to try the plantain gnocci there… I cooked it once and thought I had invented it, but a google search proved that they exist exclusively at bergamot.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’d have to second Megan’s opinion on the dessert. Next time, give it a try. I really could make an entire meal out of the lobster mac and cheese melt and some dessert.

    I’m a big fan of egg white cocktails and I love the versions that ESKD does!

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