Food Porn Friday | Ham & Cheese Braided Bread

Behold the cheesy goodness that is Ham & Cheese Braided Bread…I’ll pause for a moment as you all OooOOooHhh and AhhhHHhh.

Last week my friend Jess invited me over to her place for the usual evening of champagne and charades; a fun get together I have grown all to fond of. This weeks was particularly special because her and her good friend Dana are in the process of opening their very own bakery & cafe in Brighton’s Oak Square. With the grand opening slated for May 7, she is currently in taste test / trial run overload. Last Sunday I spent three hours sampling all the goods and left her house with enough food porn material to last me a lifetime, but the braided bread was by far my favorite (and Kelly’s too, see below!)

If you’re thinking to yourself “I want that ish right meow!” well fear not, they’ll be serving it up in no time at Treats on Washington St. along with every other deliciously baked good your heart desires.

Treats on Washington Bakery & Cafe
379 Washington St.
Brighton, MA

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3 Responses to Food Porn Friday | Ham & Cheese Braided Bread

  1. Oh man! Another wonderful bakery for Brighton!?!? Sounds awesome!

  2. Michelle says:

    The cheese looks RIDICULOUS! Love it.

  3. Opening their own bakery? Very exciting! I can’t wait to hear more.

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