Mystery Meet + Just Add Cheese! = April 12

If you’re interested in discovering a new restaurant with a bunch of food obsessed individuals, now’s your chance! Some of you may have heard of Mystery Meet before, Meesh and I have both had the chance of attending a few in the past. Typically you purchase tickets for a meal at a mystery location that isn’t revealed until the night before the event but you’re given a handful of clues beforehand to help you try and figure it out on your own. Its exciting, fun, and delicious and this month it’s being hosted by Just Add Cheese!

We’ve teamed up with Seth from Mystery Meet and we picked the perfect dining location for the April 12th event (next Tuesday). This new restaurant is undoubtedly unique and beyond yummy, providing the perfect setting for a great evening. Dinner will start at 7:30, and tickets which are $40 go on sale starting NOW. Seating is limited so don’t miss out, join us for a great night of laughs and nom’s. For a more extensive list of hints see below.

  1. Jacki and Meesh from Just Add Cheese will host this affair.
  2. Where? “Let’s get together and feel alright.”
  3. Gaudi approved.
  4. Despite where this restaurant opened this year, the concept is anything but plain.
  5. Garfield, Sylvester and Puss ‘n Boots.

Hope to see you there!

– Jacki & Meesh

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3 Responses to Mystery Meet + Just Add Cheese! = April 12

  1. I think I know where it is! Unfortunately I have another event that night 😦 Good luck and have fun!

  2. Daisy says:

    Just purchased a ticket! I haven’t been to a Mystery Meet in forever, looking forward to dining with you ladies!

  3. I have another event that night as well and unfortunately if I am correct about the location it’s pretty hard for me to get to 😦

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