In N’ Out Burger | Indio, CA

When Jacki and I were on our way to day 3 of Coachella, we drove right by the infamous west coast burger chain In-n-Out Burger. I had been dying to check this place out for forever, and the fact that is has non-listed menu items (animal style!!!) made me even more excited. Since both of us had never been and our time on the west coast was quickly nearing its end, we thought it appropriate to pull an immediate u-turn and grab a burger before the festival. People that I know from California always say this burger is superior to all fast food burgers, and I never understood why. After having one for myself I now fully agree with that statement.

Single Cheeseburger, Animal Style

The ingredients are just better. The bun, lettuce, pickles and tomato taste super fresh for a fast food burger. The patty is about three times as thick as a paper-thin McDonald’s patty. Animal style means they add extra secret sauce made, pickles and caramelized onions and it totally completes the burger. Also I liked that the burger was served in a pouch, it made it easy to hold without getting messy. We obviously had to order our fries animal style as well, we thought we might as well go all out while we can.

Animal Style Fries

YUM. These fries were awesome. I kind of regret splitting them between three people because I was tempted to order more when they were done, but that would have been totally unnecessary.

In-N-Out Burger, I’ll see you next time I’m in Cali.

In-N-Out Burger on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to In N’ Out Burger | Indio, CA

  1. Michelle says:

    I always make multiple stops at In n’ Out when I’m in Cali!

  2. I tried In n Out burger for the first time on our vacation to San Fran. LOVED IT. Seriously, some of the best fast food burgers ever!

  3. David says:

    Funny…I tried In n Out for the first time last weekend on my way to Coachella too…I liked it so much we made a stop on the way out after 4 days of camping Coachella style and I thought I was in heaven!!

  4. Oh man, these photos need to be your food porn Friday pics!

  5. Animal Style fries= America does poutine.

    I’m hunnngry now.

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