Dine Out Boston | The Gallows (Spring Menu)

Last Monday I attended the second Dine Out Boston event at the Gallows. I met Jesse, the founder of Dine Out when I first went to dBar about a month ago. Jesse is equal parts chef at dBar and food event entrepreneur and he created Dine Out Boston so foodies, writers, critics, chefs, and industry people can get together, eat and talk about it. There is no price to attend and no prix fixe menu, people just RSVP, show up, order whatever they want and there are absolutely no strings attached. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people and try stuff you might not normally order.

I’ve been to the Gallows before and I didn’t love the food, but kept an open mind because they update the menu seasonally. No two visits to the Gallows can ever be the same. During the cocktail hour / meet and greet part of the event, I noticed the drink menu had been totally updated since my last visit as well! New drinks!

The Gallows Cocktails

I ordered The Woodland, made with bourbon, stawberry puree, sweet vermouth and cocchi. It was a fresh and fruity way to enjoy a heavy liquor. My new friend from work, Mike tried The Healer which combines rye whiskey, mead bitters and lemon. This covered up the harshness of the rye to make a sweet citrusy combination. Win.

The Gallows AppetizerTo start the meal the staff brought the group some complementary apps. They picked stuff I would’ve never ordered on my own like the Longshoreman Board which offered smoked and cured seafood. The salmon was my favorite fish and the homemade mustard was spicy but very well done. Oh, and there were homemade pickled vegetables on the side! We also got the Fried Rabbit Roulade served with creamy ramp dressing, crudites and pea shoots. This was like a fried crab cake with rabbit instead of crab, and creamy ramps instead of tartar sauce. I’ve been loving rabbit recently.

stuffed morel mushroom and fish tacoNow for the apps we actually ordered, stuffed morel mushrooms and the Daily Taco which was a fried fish taco. The morel mushroom blew me away, they were a spongey tender texture with a tasty filling. I feel inspired to make them at home. The fish tacos were pretty standard but they were very crispy and I really enojyed them.

The Seoul Burger - The Gallows

Jacki and I shared The Seoul Burger made with a fried egg, kimchi, scallions, and sesame aioli. We asked for the burger medium rare, but the waitress said they only cook this type of burger medium well. Apparently west coast-style flat patty burgers are meant to be cooked medium well. That was definitely a first for me, but I’m glad to have gone with the serving suggestion because the meat itself tasted great and the toppings even better. This was by far my favorite dish of the night. Bravo to The Gallows for using creative toppings and trying new things with burger patties.

The Gallows RisottoThe risotto primavera was another great dish. Made with huge pieces of spring vegetables like morels, black trumpets, asparagus and ramps, it tasted savory but still light and fresh. And it was served with a poached egg on top, and that always seals the deal for me, it came together really well.

Dine Out Boston is definitely going to become a regular occurrence for me! I had a great time sampling the menu and chatting with everyone at our table. The next event is at Eastern Standard, YESSS!! Sign up soon, there are only 50 spots available.

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2 Responses to Dine Out Boston | The Gallows (Spring Menu)

  1. Sues says:

    I’ve been meaning to go to The Gallows forever now! And you’ve convinced me even more… Everything looks incredible!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve never heard of Dine Out Boston. This sounds like a great time!

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