Clover Food Truck | Chickpea Fritter FTW!

Food truck nation is upon us. Following in the footsteps of cities like New York, Miami and Austin, Boston now has quite a nice spread of food trucks that have opened up over the last year or so. From gourmet grilled cheese to fried chicken n’ waffles, these restaurants-on-wheels offer something for everyone… including the vegetarians!Probably one of the most popular food trucks to come out of the recent takeover is Clover Food Lab. With a whole new approach to the idea of “fast food” Clover serves all local, vegetarian, and mostly organic food and beverages. They have 3 mobile food trucks, and one brick and mortar location in Harvard Square, all of which serve breakfast, lunch and dinner starting at 8 am every day. Their commitment to craft is obvious as they brew each beverage individually and carry out every order with care. My most recent visit took place at the SOWA market this past Sunday (which is the best place to track down lots-o-food trucks while perusing vintage finds and picking up groceries at the farmers market). While waiting for my Chickpea Fritter, I noshed on some Rosemary French Fries while sipping a homemade Hibiscus tea (which was beyond phenomenal and totally refreshing). Made from just-cut PEI potatoes, the rosemary fries were heaven. Subconsciously knowing they were somewhat healthy was also heaven. Hot and crisp with a texture similar to sweet potato fries, they were delightful. But their real claim to fame is the Chickpea Fritter, stuffed inside a whole wheat pita filled with shaved carrots, pickled cabbage, homemade hummus, an “Israeli salad” made with diced tomatoes and cucumbers, Regal Crown pickles, and of course those fresh-out-of-the-fryer gluten-free fritters. The white sauce you see on top is tahini. If you want the full story on this famed Falafel, including calorie count, pickling descriptions, and what makes it so totally irresistible, check out the nutritionals.

Amongst my other favorites are the BBQ Sandwich and the Soy BLT. I also must say I absolutely adore the clover staff. Having visited both their trucks and store front location several times, I have never once had a bad experience. They answer questions, they almost always offer up recommendations, and are never hesitant to tell you what their favorites are. ALSO, their most expensive sandwich (the Pimento Cheese Sandwich) will only run you $4.59; proving that lunch for $5 does still exist!!

Clover Food Truck (Dewey Square) on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Clover Food Truck | Chickpea Fritter FTW!

  1. Megan says:

    Love those fries! And that sandwich! The Clover food truck is great!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love Clover Food Truck. I used to lunch there with Alicia from the Clean Plate Club. I’ve never had the chickpea fritter but Bret had one yesterday and my only complaint was that he reeked of onions afterwards!

  3. Megan says:

    I’ve had several people tell me to check out the Clover Food Truck. I’ve got to go get some of those fries!! 🙂

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