My All Time Favorite | Temptations Cafe

Where do I even begin? I have spent countless hours of my life practically living at the Temptations Cafe on Huntington Ave. near Northeastern and its about time I tell everyone about it. I met co-owners Lou and Mich my freshman year when they first opened the Huntington location and let’s just say I never really left. It started with coffee runs between class, then the occasional panini for lunch, and eventually I was going twice a day, minimum. I even worked there junior and senior year. I figured I spent enough time there anyway, I might as well get paid for my shameless promotion of the place. I am writing this post for no other reason than to state the fact that Temptations is hands down my favorite food establishment in Boston (and now Brookline too). Nothing is more perfect for breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner – a place where everyone can find something fresh, natural and consistently delicious.

Let’s start with coffee, Temptations uses George Howell for both filter and espresso and it’s hard for me to find comparable coffee in the city. Its not burnt like Starbucks or watery like Dunkin Donuts, it’s right in the middle where good coffee lives and it’s perfect. Plus, latte art is badass.

If you’re in the mood for a more filling breakfast, try the Breakfast Burrito, made with eggs, pepperjack cheese, black beans, bacon, and salsa. This got me through the most terrible of hangovers and made Friday morning classes somewhat bearable.

Breakfast BurritoDon’t worry vegetarians, they have lots of options for you too, even for breakfast. This egg and cheese comes stacked with tomato, chipotle mayo, cheddar, avocado (and some tabasco on the side if you’re feeling dangerious), then add in some Iggy’s multigrain bread and you have a damn good breakfast sandwich.

Temptations Bagel Breakfast SandwichTemps sources local ingredients as often as possible. Iggy’s bread, Taza chocolate, MEM tea… the whole shabang. The salads rock my world (the balsamic dressing is something of another realm) and the paninis are addicting. It’s hard to not order a second one, that has happened more than a couple times. Last night I treated myself to the roasted tomato, goat cheese and arugula panini, and fell in love with Temps all over again. If you really wanna take it to the next level, add artichokes to the mozzarella panini, you won’t regret it.

Temptations Cafe on Urbanspoon

Temptations Cafe on Urbanspoon

Brookline Location (Coolidge Corner)
1350 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Northeastern Location
313 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Fenway Location (St. Mary’s T)
1380 Beacon Street
Boston, MA

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8 Responses to My All Time Favorite | Temptations Cafe

  1. Michelle says:

    Too funny! I just went to the Coolidge Corner location for the first time…review will be up on the blog soon!

  2. Sam says:

    The #1 thing I miss about NU (2nd being Conor’s pitchers)

  3. Celo says:

    BECs on croissants X 2 with Tabasco changed my life.

  4. This place looks insane! I want that burrito now and every day to follow. Thankfully I’ll be in that neck of the woods A LOT next year and can swing by!

  5. Lucy says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm YUSsssss. I am so in favor of this post. If you haven’t been to temptations I will personally drag you from your place of residence and bring you. I won’t pay for you, but I will scream at you to make a decision.

    I personally love the Hummus and Feta wrap. I get it every time. When I’m feeling real crazy I get turkey added in there. BAM most perfect wrap ever.

  6. Daisy says:

    how have i never heard of this place?!? the food looks amazing and I am all about latte art, that takes serious skill!!

  7. DOL says:

    Isn’t anyone going to comment on the cute boys behind the counter? I think they’re brothers…?!

  8. RIKI says:

    I think I deserve some credit for that last past 🙂

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