Deep Ellum | Hidden Gem in Brighton

Patio season is upon us. Or well at least on occasion it is. If the tropical storms and randomly placed 50° days could keep it to a minimum we might be able to endure a full week of summer at some point. Regardless, given the absurdly cold winter we just survived, I’ll take every chance I get to enjoy the sunshine and bask in all its glory while doing everything I possibly can outside. This naturally brings me back to patio season, which is easily my favorite!

While there is no shortage of patios to dine on in this city, it is however a little more rare to find an absolutely adorable one that serves consistently good food while also hosting an admirable beer selection and cocktail list with attentive service to match. Throw in a breakfast menu that’s available throughout the week and I’m starting to feel beyond spoiled. It almost sounds too good to be true, like a full-on trifecta of awesomeness. But I’m telling you it does exist, and in Allston of all places.Deep Ellum, the dive bar with the totally unsuspecting romantic patio out back, is officially my new favorite for everything. After work drinks, mid-week breakfast, dates, groups, daytime, nighttime, for cocktails, for beer, for small bites or for a full-fledged four-course meal. Whatever, you name it! If only I lived closer, I’d be posted up here every day. And while I’ve found most people who live in the area are aware of how fantastic it is, I’m starting to find that the rest of the world might not be so informed. So allow me to do the honors…

Starting off with the Original Aviation, a drink I first discovered at Drink a few months back, this rendition of the aviation had gin, Luxardo Marachino, Creme de’ violet and lemon. It was refreshing and crisp and STRONG. If it hadn’t been breakfast, I may have ordered another, but at least now I know what I’ll be drinking this weekend.

Now for a breakfast that is about to blow your mind….The BBQ Breakfast – a layered masterpiece of cornbread, braised pork shoulder, mustard aioli and fried egg. Not only was the egg cooked to perfection, but the whole dish was flawless in my opinion. It was sweet, tangy and savory. It was unlike any breakfast item I’d consumed before. Even the mustard aioli was impeccable, with just the right amount of spicy to compliment the other components. It was epic!My brunch mate decided to go straight for lunch and try the Pork Meatball Banh Mi. Another great dish, the pork meatballs came on French bread topped with pickled daikon, carrots, srirachi aioli and cilantro. The meatballs themselves were juicy and perfect, the fresh veggies added a nice crunch. The only meatball sub I’ve ever tried that actually left me feeling light; even the homemade spicy taro chips were unbelievable.

Overall a wonderful experience (which happened to be the second wonderful experience I had there that week). I’m also loving their extensive beer list which offers up a big variety of ales perfect for summer. Atop my favorites? the Clown Shoes Clementine and Beer of the Gods from High and Mighty Beer Co.  *note* If you’re looking for a patio where you can people watch, this may not be your best bet as it is enclosed with no street-facing access, however it is undoubtedly perfect for escaping the sounds of the city and the flickering light at night against the orange umbrellas is enough to make my heart melt.

Deep Ellum on Urbanspoon

477 Cambridge St.
Allston, MA

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6 Responses to Deep Ellum | Hidden Gem in Brighton

  1. I’m a big fan of Deep Ellum but have never eaten there OR been on the patio. Both are must-dos, apparently!

  2. Lucy says:

    I love Clown Shoes! I first had them in this super secret place in Portland ME, that you guys would love. I hope that I can find more clown shoes to come! Clementine is a great summer treat even if it is a winter taste for me!

  3. Sues says:

    Deep Ellum is totally a hidden gem! I haven’t gotten there for brunch yet, but I know I must! Oh, and I had been there several times before I realized there was a patio out back… Love it there 🙂

  4. I keep hearing things about this place. Looks like fun!

  5. alicia says:

    I feel like you may be my breakfast food soulmate….if I saw BBQ combined with runny yolk eggs on a menu I would order it without hesitation.

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