Mile End Deli | Brooklyn, NY

The morning after the best slice of pizza ever, my friend Steph took me to her all time favorite brunch spot in the Boreum Hill area of Brooklyn, which also happens to double as one of the best Jewish restaurants in New York, Mile End Deli. The status of Mile End’s pastrami can only be described as superior and it’s considered, by some, to be better than that of Katz’s and other famous spots around the city.

mile end deli interiorA couple guys, who have a thing for smoked meat, came to NY from Montreal and founded Mile End, which combines jewish deli staples like pastrami, brisket, pickles, corned beef and motzo ball soup with Montreal staples like poutine.

Mile End Deli PicklesThese were the best pickles I’ve ever had, in my life, and I eat a pretty substantial amount of pickles. The sourness had a red wine element that was so addicting, it ensured every pickled would be consumed before I, or my friends, could focus on anything else.

mile end poutineNext was the Classic Poutine, with big fluffy cheese curds, frites and mushroom gravy. I never knew poutine until this poutine. The fries didn’t get soggy towards the bottom, which I always find to be an issue, and the mushroom gravy wasn’t overbearing – it was rather light, which was great before the bagel came out…

mile end lox bagelThere it is, a beautiful Brooklyn bagel (actually they order the bagels fresh from a bakery in Montreal, but still) with lox, capers, red onions and of course schmear. Enough said.

mile end bacon egg and cheeseHoly thick bacon this was amazing. Just a standard bacon, egg and cheese made with Quebec cheddar and rye bread. The cheddar was sharp, the bread was fresh, and did I mention the bacon was really thick? Yum.

mile end deli hashAnd now…for the main event…the smoked meat hash made with brisket, potato, onion and two fried eggs. I would have liked maybe more smoked meat in relation to potato, but the meat itself was delicious, thinly sliced with a peppery flavor.

I feel truly lucky to have eaten at Mile End, I recommend it to anyone that ever makes it down to Brooklyn. There will definitely be a wait for a table, but grab seats at the bar, wait an hour, wait 5, IT’S WORTH IT. Get smoked meat, in any form. Also, the prices are super reasonable given the quality of the food, most items are under $10. OH! The coffee! French press perfection, get it, drink it, take a picture, do a dance, love it.

Mile End on Urbanspoon

97A Hoyt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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2 Responses to Mile End Deli | Brooklyn, NY

  1. Megan says:

    Omigod I want that bagel!!

  2. Daisy says:

    what a phenomenal spot. i love poutine!!

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