What if Med School Isn’t Better Than Oleana?

A friend of ours is leaving for med school this week — *tear* — and we chose Oleana as the destination for our last supper with the future doctor. Why it took us 6 years to eat at a local restaurant whose chef won a James Beard award AND competed on Top Chef Masters, I have no idea. Ana Sortun just kills it. Every dish is a unique work of art that combines thoughtful and creative combinations of Middle Eastern flavors, modern techniques, and local ingredients.

oleana_interiorFrom start to finish the experience was flawless. We were offered drinks while waiting for a table, we got a great seat on the beautiful, and semi-hidden patio, the service was easygoing but totally on point, and the food was nothing short of mind blowing. Hearing the nightly specials was like listening to a symphony orchestra, every word that came out of our server’s mouth was better and even more exciting than the one before it. Erika even said, “this is like listening to a bedtime story” because it all sounded surreal.

Here are all of the fabulous meze plates, along with quotes said by the five of us during the meal. When everyone is excited about food, some really funny stuff comes out. We may or may not have gotten completely carried away…

oleana_lobsterNightly special: lobster salad with Paprika in a halved avocado served with a cucumber and arugula salad

“I’m a sucker for anything in a halved fruit”

oleana_musselsFried Mussels, Hot Peppers & Turkish Tarator Sauce

Sultan’s Delight; Tamarind Glazed Beef & Smokey Eggplant Purée with Pinenuts

“So herbacious right now”


Spiced Carrot Purée & Dukkah

“I just blacked out”


Whipped Feta with Sweet & Hot Peppers 

“I just dipped my mozz in whipped feta”


Cheeses – Homemade String Cheese, Mozzarella & Shanklish with Spiced Figs

“I’m eating cheese on cheese”

Spring Vegetable Crudités & Warm Tuscan Olive Oil with Green Garlic

“I just ate a slice of garlic. I’m gon’ do it again”


Squid & Greek Style Sausage with Nettles, Orzo & Tomato-Fennel Jam 



Special: Chicken and lemon croquettes with fava beans

“I just started opening my mouth and going towards it”

oleana_falafelSpinach Falafel with Tahini, Yogurt, Beets & Crinkled Cress

“Its like a meatball with a yamulke”

oleana baked alaskaBaked Alaska; Coconut Ice Cream & Passion Fruit Caramel 

“I want lamb for dessert” [this was before we laid eyes on THIS]


Native Strawberry Floating Island with Moscato Strawberry Crisp and Lime Leaf Ice Cream

So…yea. Oleana has made a permanent place for itself in my top five favorite restaurants in Boston list, and everyone should make it a point to get there ASAP. It’s not even super expensive, for 5 girls, pretty much every meze plate, 2 bottles of wine and 2 desserts, it came out to $60 each with tip. For the quality of the food and ingredients, I would have paid double that.

Good luck Kate the Skate. We love you so much! Eating out won’t be the same without you!

Oleana on Urbanspoon

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6 Responses to What if Med School Isn’t Better Than Oleana?

  1. Skate says:

    I spy Shelly in that pic! That patio is seriously heaven!

  2. YES! You got all my favorite dishes. I wish they had had the avocado/lobster plate when I was last there – it looks incredible!!

  3. Michelle says:

    This meal sounds like it was a LOT of fun! Beautiful pics too!

  4. Sam says:

    Still dreaming about this. A million times better than the panera i am consuming right now.


  5. Megan says:

    Love, love, love Oleana! The lobster in the avocado looks awesome, as does that Greek squid and sausage dish!!

  6. Daisy says:

    I just adore the quotes that go along! so fun!

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