DineOut Boston Tastes Noche

mingling at nocheJacki and I have been to some pretty great events with DineOut Boston, and the last one at Noche was no exception. Jesse, the founder of DineOut, teamed up with event planner extraordinaire Mike Bellantuoni and the Noche team to create a special food and cocktail pairing menu for the DineOut crew.

andy korney nocheNoche’s fabulous bartender Andy Korney just got named one of the top bartenders in Boston by the Improper, and his skills did not disappoint. That mixed with the South American culinary stylings of chef Scott Robertson was nothing short of an epic foodgasm.

plantain chipsFirst we were served plantain chips which came paired with spicy aioli, and they were devoured in a matter of seconds. Good thing they were bottomless — which I am assuming is standard when dining at Noche. I would go back just for these.

The first cocktail of the night — Sparkling Ginger Basil Gimlet, paired with Ahi Tuna Tartare with Grilled Onion Mango Relish, Chili Oil and Blue Corn Tortillas…

Ahi tuna tartareThe ginger flavor of the gimlet paired perfectly with the crisp citrusy tartare. The best part of this course was Mike’s quote, “Girls, dip a plantain chip in the tartare, it will light your palate like a freakin’ Christmas tree.” That it did, Mike, that it did.

angry margarita nocheBehold, the Angry Margarita. This was a spicy meat-a-ball, but exciting to drink with the Grilled Skirt Streak Entree served with black beans and rice, chimichurri and avocado. A lot of people didn’t love this drink, because it was like drinking a shot of flavor adrenaline, but that happens to be right up my alley.

Skirt SteakThe real standout of the steak dish was the rice and beans. The beans must have been cooked with tomatoes or maybe salsa, because there was much more goin’ on in there than just beans. The secret ingredient in the rice was coconut milk, it made the rice moist, tropical and sticky. And obviously everything is better when topped with sliced avocado. The steak was OK, but it was totally overshadowed by the rice and beans.

fribbleFor our dessert cocktail, the Noche Fribble. (Don’t make the mistake of googling ‘fribble’ — let’s just call it a milky dessert cocktail). White chocolate with godiva shavings…mmmhmmm. The dessert pairing was even more mouthwatering…homemade churros with mini key lime pies. Sorry, Toro, I love you, but these churros are the best I’ve had in Boston. They were like fresh baked crispy cinnamon doughnuts.

churrosAnother successful DineOut evening. Keep ’em coming Jesse and Mike!

Noche on Urbanspoon

3 Appleton St
Boston, MA 02116

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4 Responses to DineOut Boston Tastes Noche

  1. Daisy says:

    I’ve always wondered what Noche was all about. everything looks foodgasmic. (yeah, I stole your word) 😉

  2. Megan says:

    Now I really want to go to Noche. The tartare looks fabulous!

  3. Michelle says:

    I haven’t been to Noche because I’m still mourning its predecessor…but your blog post reminds me that it is time to give this place a try!

  4. pinterest says:

    i am impressed by you site, will surely put up like yours soo

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