Salty Pig Parts in the Back Bay

The other night I found myself at the Salty Pig for my step-bro’s b-day dinner. A few days later I was back with a colleague for wine and apps at the bar. Two bites into my parmesean-stuffed meatball and it was painfully obvious… I was infatuated.

Since its opening just two months ago I’ve heard nothing but mixed reviews about the place. They may have no liquor license, and the entree selection is a bit weak, but as the name suggests they’ve got lots (and I mean LOTS) of salty pig parts. And as a bonafide boriqua, I myself am all about salty pig parts. 

Puerto Ricans are no strangers to throwing a whole swine on a stick and setting it on fire in the front yard. The approach to pork is a little different at SP, and maybe more applicable to my Italian roots, but whatever it may be I’m definitely a fan.

The menu itself includes a hefty selection of cured meats and cheese, meant to mix and match to create the perfect charcuterie board (which I love!)  along with salads, pizzas, and a short list of entrees. No hard liquor, but the wine and beer be a flowing along with some creative cocktails using what I like to call “loophole liquors” like pimms, flavored vodkas and campari.

This drink was actually terrible, and I totally don’t recommend it (I don’t even remember it’s name), but it looks kinda nice right? My advice, skip the mocktails and go for some vino. They have a great Tempranillo by the glass!

Moving on to the first reason this place makes me weak in the knees – hello sweet list of small batch, hand selected cheeses. So far I’ve tried the Robiola, Brie, Chevrot, Comte Fort, and Stilton blue and I haven’t run into one I didn’t like. Whatever your cheese preference, the list is versatile in style, flavor and texture offering up something to tickle every cheesemongers fancy.

They’ve also got a selection of spreads that are essential to building your dream board, from balsamic onion jam to walnut pesto. We decided to go with  the smoked mushrooms, chianti jelly, and the fig jam. The verdict – if you don’t order the chianti jelly, you’re doing it wrong.

My ideal spread of meats? Prosciutto Galloni, Jamon Serrano and Porchetta.

Don’t forget the fried pig tails.

Or Pork Pate!Another favorite – although somewhat interesting presentation – the Melon and
Prosciutto salad. 

Tis the season of melons, and if you haven’t been eating melons this month you better hurry up and start. No one likes to wake up halfway through fall and realize they missed melon season. Fact.

The Vanilla bean creme brulee was good. Not great, but good. The reality is the place does one thing really well – and that is meat and cheese. The rest of it may be questionable, but for the girl who wakes up craving prosciutto and fresh pulled buratta or worries about turning into a meatball because she eats too many of them, allow me to introduce you to your newest food crush.

Salty Pig on Urbanspoon
130 Dartmouth St.
Boston, MA

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5 Responses to Salty Pig Parts in the Back Bay

  1. Okay, how bad am I craving a charcuterie board right now? Thanks a lot.

  2. Michelle says:

    All of those boards look FABULOUS!

  3. Hambone says:

    That drink looks like the The Americano, which is a classic cocktail consisting of Campari, Sweet Vermouth and soda water. If you didn’t like it, it’s because it’s not your thing. Not really something the bartender could have messed up. You should have tried something else on the cocktail list, like the Dartmouth Cooler or The Pimm’s Cup or my fave, the Bitter & Alone. They are delightful.

  4. Jacki Mo says:

    Hambone – you’re right, it was The Americano, and totally not my thing. I’m not one for Campari based drinks. I did try both the Pimms Cup (been there) and Dartmouth Cooler (good, but I prefer it with citrus vodka over the rasberry they use) but I’ll have to check out the Bitter & Alone next time. Although I’ll still wager the wine list is better 😉

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