An Organic Oasis Awaits You at Life Alive

When I hear that someone is vegan, I’m always a little baffled and somewhat confused. I mean I know it’s becoming more and more common and I get why someone would want to be a vegan, especially after watching terrifying movies like Food Inc., but I just can’t wrap my head around the thought of actually being one. Sure — it’s healthy, and its better for the environment, your body, and cute animals — but how can one restrict themselves from awesome things like pizza and ice cream and bread and essentially all forms of dessert? I’ve eaten a vegan scone before, and although it tasted effing delicious, I’m not about to swear off every scone I walk by just because there’s only 1 vegan scone in every 500,000,000 in the city of Boston. Yeah, not happening.

That’s why I have extreme respect and am in awe of places like Life Alive in Central Square. The self-proclaimed “Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe” is not just an eatery; it’s pretty much a way of life. The cafe’s mission is to serve fantastic flavors and organic goodness meant to re-energize and reconnect you to the world all through the convenience of fast food. I have to admit, the vibes a little crunchy but these guys have a vision and impeccable follow through when it comes to creating crave-worthy dishes with almost zero use of aninmal products.

The food they serve is not only satisfying but good for your soul. And we’re talking ridiculously good for your soul. Like The Rebel (above), a protein rich salad with quinoa and short grain brown rice, topped with Braggs Liquid Aminos, high lignan flax oil, carrots, beets, leafy greens, broccoli and hijiki. The best part is by far their signature dressing, a homemade, low fat Sesame Ginger and Ginger Nama Shoyu sauce.

I also love The Romantic, a wrap made with Hass avocado and cheddar cheese, brocolli, garlic, nutritional yeast and Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (yay more protein!) all “embraced” in a soft whole wheat tortilla. One of the few things on the menu with dairy in it, it can also be ordered with faux-queso but clearly I’m not really into that. One can only be SO healthy.

The staff is friendly, the service is quick, the atmosphere cozy, and the food is fresh and surprisingly filling; so if you’ve been looking to achieve a healthier diet and could us a little help along the way, allow Life Alive to amaze and inspire.

Life Alive on Urbanspoon

Life Alive
765 Massachusetts Ave.

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7 Responses to An Organic Oasis Awaits You at Life Alive

  1. Dan says:

    Best place ever. That was my dinner it was grear.

  2. This has been at the top of my “must try” list for far too long! I really need to get there!

  3. oh em gee. I love life alive and more importantly you! great post!

  4. I don’t know what’s taken me so long to try this place. The Romantic sounds awesome. And I love the fillings are “embraced” by the tortilla 🙂

  5. Just found your blog and already added it to my reader. I wouldn’t want to be a vegan either although I do enjoy vegan meals on occasion (and vegetarian ones even more often). This place sounds great! 🙂

  6. sarahsmodernbites says:

    LOVE life alive! I used to go there all the time when they first opened up because it was on my route to and from work. I was obbsesed with ‘The Swami’… it had miso curried brown rice with raisins and tamari roasted almonds… just awesome! I almost went last night because I happened to be in the area…

    Everyone is SO nice there too! Have they started serving wine??

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I went to Life alive once and really liked it. As a vegetarian who pretty much despises faux meat products, I love that this place bases their dishes around fun combinations of vegetables, beans, nuts, etc. The Sufi poet with red lentil hummus is fabulous.

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