RYE Baltimore | Craft Cocktails in Fells Point

rye baltimore interiorDuring a visit to Baltimore last weekend I stopped by RYE, a new bar in the Fells Point neighborhood where one of my good friends is the managing partner. I’ve never seen a bar like it in Baltimore! Every time I come home my friends bring me to new spots around the city and I love seeing how the food and drink scene has changed over the years. RYE is the perfect example of that– they offer traditional and newer craft cocktails, late night breakfast and they locally source their ingredients! It’s such a refreshing change from the generic touristy bars in the area that serve crappy food and get by just because Fells Point is one of the handful of walkable neighborhoods in the city. Here are some of the cocktails we tried…

rye baltimore martiniThe Commodore 64 – BuffaloTrace bourbon, creme de cacao, fresh lemon, and lime, house made grenadine

rye old fashioned Traditional Old Fashioned and Commodore 64

rye shotsThey also offer “abbreviations” which are deconstructed cocktails in the form of a shot. My favorite was the Roadrunner: watermelon, cayenne, silver tequila. I love spicy tequila drinks in any form, and the watermelon offered a sweet but understated balance.

pimm's cupThe Pimm’s Cup is made with Pimm’s No. 1 tea liqueur, muddled cucumber and strawberry, and Boylan’s lemon soda, a very crisp and citrusy version of the traditional drink.

watermelon tequila shotsRye is truly raising the standards for food and drink Baltimore, I hope the rest of the city doesn’t take long to jump on the local food train! And get a bigger selection of whiskey while they’re at it.

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8 Responses to RYE Baltimore | Craft Cocktails in Fells Point

  1. Great photos!! This reminds me of my college days in Baltimore! (Fells Point, not this bar… I don’t think it was open – shudder – 10 years ago!)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love the abbreviations. Such a cute concept

  3. Ellen says:

    We went to rye a few weeks ago, and were very pleased!! The watermelon- cayenne- tequila shot was DELICIOUS, and the late night breakfast was a welcomed treat. We are from nj, but go to Baltimore every fall, and were sad to see the whistling oyster close ( the historic bar that used to be in the same spot). We are pleased to see a locally sourced, authentic hot spot take it’s place:)

  4. Stephanie says:

    RYE is truly the best Bar in Fells Point. You will love the exotic and uniquely crafted cocktails, thanks to Doug, and the delicious culinary creations, thanks to Ben, and the two best hosts in Fells Point, Ryan and Cory. Congrats. Men!.

  5. Daisy says:

    Meesh these are such cool photos! I love the ingredients I’m seeing – BuffaloTrace bourbon…Boylans soda….everything in those abbreviations! great stuff!

  6. I agree with Daisy, really cool photos. I like the abbreviations idea, seems like it would allow you to try more creations since it’s not a full portion. It’s nice to the see that craft cocktails are spreading around the country.

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  8. Veronica says:

    I went there last week and I loved their cocktail called “Tranquilo”. I recommend that you try it.

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