Bikes & Bites with Tryst | Arlington, MA

Sorry for the delay on this post, its been a busy couple of days in Cheeseland! 

As many of you read in last week’s Food Porn, I recently made a trip out to Wilson Farm in Lexington. That same trip also included a stop at Turtle Creek Winery in Lincoln, before finishing up in Arlington with a dinner at Tryst. All three were part of a culinary bike ride I did a week or so ago.

Organized by Tryst and Quad Cycles, the food-centric adventure covered a 17+ mile course, taking us through the three towns as we made our way to Wilson Farm (where Tryst chef Paul Turano picked out the ingredients which would later be used in our three-course dinner), then to Turtle Creek (where we breaked for cheese, crackers and vino) and then to Tryst (where I was blown away by what the burb restaurant had to offer), all while taking in scenic views and some New England foliage along the way.

We were lucky, the weather could not have been more perfect that day. The whole experience was so much fun! Meeting new people and enjoying new noms, here’s a small taste of my day in pics.

First stop – Wilson FarmThe farm was filled with tons of cool stuff. Like flowers.298 lb pumpkinsand a retail store stacked with local food products, fresh produce from the farm, homemade jams and delicious prepared foods. Oh and the cupcakes. MASSIVE cupcakes. Cake Cupcakes if you will.Plus they have hens, lots of them and a llama AND over 200 types of gourds!

Next stop – Turtle Creek

After a short break (and some wine tasting) we made our way to Tryst.

8 miles later, we arrived! Time to be rewarded for all our hard work – drinks! The Pumpkin Shandy above, made with pumkin beer, cider and maple bitters.

I went with the daily concoction (below) whose name has slipped my mind, but I’ll update with name and ingredients soon!

 For food, we started with a salad made with golden beets, fennel, arugula and buratta

 Second course was a Berkshire pork served with a pumpkin and squash bread pudding, topped with a cider glaze. YUM.

And for dessert we had a chocolate spice cake, sprinkled with diced peaches and topped with a vanilla bean ice cream.

We ended up finishing dinner around 7pm; the tour itself started at 11. Yeah, I was pretty exhausted, but feeling totally fulfilled and satisfied, almost exhilirated. I would definitley do a culinary bike tour again!

I also think it’s important to note that one of the craziest things about the whole experience was the cost. For a full day of activities, filled with farm tour, wine tasting, and a three course meal, the entire thing was $30 (excluding alcohol at dinner and gratuity for the server). When all was said and done, I ended up spending $50 total. I’ve spent more in a matter of minutes on appetizers at Craigie. The meal itself would have costed more than $30 at most places. Culinary bike tours FTW, I am officially a major fan!

Tryst on Urbanspoon

689 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA

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7 Responses to Bikes & Bites with Tryst | Arlington, MA

  1. I feel like a food/bike tour would be a great place to meet guys! Or probably just a bunch of guys who went with their girlfriends :-/

  2. Elizabeth says:

    $30?? Dayyyum. Also I ned to go visit Turtle Creek

  3. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    I definitely want to do this! This looks like an awesome day!

  4. DolnoE says:

    If only every day could be a bikes and bites day!

  5. Lynne Rittner says:

    Your pictures bring back fun and yummy memories (except the winery reminds me of the hills). Great to meet you at dinner. I really enjoy reading your blog. That cheeseburger, up above, looks divine. (although I did think the jalapeños were bananas at first). : )


  6. Illini says:

    Seems like you had a great time. The pics are superb!
    I like the llama one the best. So cute.

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