Pigalle Tasting | Live Blog Recap

Thanks to those of you who voted for our dish in the Lamb Pro-Am, we were lucky enough to advance to the next round and get paired with Marc Orfaly from Pigalle. Have you gotten tickets for the event yet? This Sunday we will be re-creating our Moroccan Lamb Chapati for all event attendees to see how we measure up against the other blogger/chef teams. Tickets are only $25! So get one…and come eat lamb with us!

Anyway, back to Pigalle. When we got paired with Marc, we went to Pigalle to formally meet him and discuss our lamb plans. One thing led to another and in true chef form, a quick meeting turned into a full-fledged menu tasting with wine pairings. The resident bartender/sommelier Michael Florence made great cocktails and had a wealth of impressive wine knowledge. Jacki and I tweeted most of our meal via instagram photos in real time, but we wanted to compile some of them here along with the real photos we took there to show how truly extraordinary our experience was.
kentucky waltz cocktailThe Kentucky Waltz – Four Rose’s Small Batch Bourbon, Averell, Dolin Rouge, Rhubarb Bitters. Averell is a plum liqueur, it gave the drink a nice fall flavor, and the bitters cut it to keep it light.

The #1 Chef’s delight was a newer cocktail on the menu made with homemade lemongrass infused gin.

New England Style Whitefish and Clam Chowder with Toasted Brioche. This soup had a subtle cream broth with huge chunks of fish. Much more exciting than a normal clam chowder if you ask me.

pinot grisOur first wine pairing was a 2009 Paul Kubler “K” Pinot Gris from Alsace, France. It was a light white with a hint of pear and a mineral finish.

Next were the two terrines – the first was a beet terrine made with roasted beets with crème fraiche in the middle, served with toasted brioche points and a beet and port reduction, basically beet three ways. The plate looked like a bloody massacre after we were done with it.

The next terrine was made with fromage blanc and confit squash. It was sitting on a layer of puff pastry and  crème fraiche sauce. This was a like a cheesy squash creamsicle. It was light and sweet, which was the perfect pairing to the blistered baby heirloom tomatoes with herb drizzle it was served with–they tasted almost like olives.

les obiers de la perla wineNext up for the wine: a light to medium bodied French variety called Les Obiers de la Peira from the Languedoc region of France. The sommolier described this wine having a white pepper taste, with hints of dark cherry.

This was my favorite dish from Pigalle: grilled calamari over caraway polenta with a “matignon” of fine cut of root vegetables, a whole grain aioli and a red wine sauce. I’ve never had calamari cut into such small slices, it made it easier to enjoy every aspect of the dish in one bite.

This picture doesn’t do the dish justice, but this was up there in the top 3: house made pork pastrami and sauteed Maine shrimp, served with a parsnip puree, spicy crème fraiche, soft boiled panko fried egg, and crispy fried brussell sprout leaves. The pastrami was killer, especially when the runny yolk mixed with everything. As I was taking notes for this dish, I wrote:  omg, holy sh*t, this is insane, crazy combination, shrimp done perfectly.

maison champy pinot noirThe pairing for the pastrami course was excellent. Maison Champy Cote de Beaune-Village Pinot Noir. The sommelier came up with the perfect description of the taste for this wine, it reminds you of walking through a forrest and kicking up the dirt on the ground; fresh and earthy.

One of the signature entrées on the menu also blew me away: Sole with sautéed spinach, horseradish gnocchi, and a caper beurre blanc. The fish was cut into thin layers on top of the gnocchi, which were more like dumpling pockets with horseradish puree in the middle. The gnocchi reminded me a lot of the dumplings used in Eastern European cooking, I could have easily eaten 15 of them.

And finally a dessert trio of Crème brûlée with figs, chocolate cake and a strawberry tart.

Thanks to the staff at Pigalle for explaining each dish and wine in such detail. Next time I go on a romantic date of some sort, Pigalle will definitely be the destination. It was a fun night and we are beyond excited to work with Marc on Sunday.

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75 Charles St S
Boston, MA 02116

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5 Responses to Pigalle Tasting | Live Blog Recap

  1. Lucy says:

    Maine Shrimp! The best shrimp evar. Teensie and flavorful.

    So excited we get to go to the event on Sunday! I’ll have my soccer mom attitude totally ready and amped!

    • Lucy says:

      Not to mention everything else in the post looks amazing, but I was just so excited to see Maine shrimp – it’s almost full blown Maine shrimp season!!

  2. Daisy says:

    I loved following these on instagram! the meal looks amazing!

  3. This looks like a ridic meal! The shrimp, parsnip, egg combo sounds soooo good!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my gosh I NEED those terrines.

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