Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama

About a month ago I went to visit a friend who lives in Bermuda. Probably one of the best trips I have been on in a while, it came at the perfect time and it was such a nice slice of Paradise even if only for a couple of days. There were a lot of firsts for me on that trip – one of which was just being in Bermuda; which I had no idea was $300 and 90 minutes away from Boston. You literally show up to Logan, blink twice, and before you know it you’re dragging your feet through white sand beaches. Other firsts – I drank rum swizzle, ate three different fish sandwiches in three days, and learned the meaning of the word “mug“; plus I got to live like a Bermudian for a few days as I was staying with my friend Sarah, who’d been born and raised there herself. It was wild, and unlike any life I’ve ever known.

When I started drafting this post over the weekend, it was freezing. Which is what prompted me to write it in the first place, to remind myself and reminisce the glorious sun I was basking in just a few short weeks ago. It almost seems ironic now that I had planned on posting it today, which instead of freezing is slated to be 70° and sunny in Boston. But alas, I never get sick of crystal blue beaches and undeniably delicious foods. Hope you enjoy!

As I was told by almost everyone who’d ever been to Bermuda, the first stop on my agenda should be the Swizzle Inn. Naturally I obliged. When I arrived I ordered their famous fish sandwich. And here is where the weekend obsession with fish sandwiches would begin. Haddock, deep fried and topped with a spicy slaw; McDonalds-worthy fries on the side. It was perfect. So was the Swizzle. Later we went and checked out Horseshoe Bay. Fully equipped with big cliffs, and boys jumping off of them.

Also an ideal spot for bonfires.

The next day we caught a Rugby game. Another first for me.

Then we made our way to a dinner party at Stratton’s. A good friend of my friend Sarah’s, his home provided a comfortable, rustic atmosphere decorated with the kind of artistic clutter I adore. Their friends, the perfect source of company and conversation, and the food was superb.

We had grilled Robin and Tuna, freshly caught just hours before.

Paired with sides of quinoa salad, roasted veggies and fava beans

Thanks to our host!

And yes, he is holding what you think he is holding.

On our last day we did some boating. Some of it near a shipwreck.

Then we made our way to Woody’s in the “hard”part of town because word on the street is their fish sandwich is the best on the Island. Served with all the toppings, including tartar sauce, atop toasted cinnamon and raisin bread.

It’s been almost 5 weeks and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Boston seafood eateries take note – fried fish and cinnamon raisin bread make the best pairing everr.

And for our farewell dinner, we had dinner at the Robin’s Nest. My friend’s house to be more specific, where her mother Robin made an unbelievable home cooked meal. Beef wellington, leeks, arugula, and roasted potatoes. It made me miss my own mom’s home cooking, and in turn made me ridiculously excited for Thanksgiving. So close!

While in Bermuda, I also partook in a phenomenal dinner at Pearl, a new sushi restaurant on the main strip of Front St. It was a reunion of sorts, and in fear of ruining the mood I decided to lay off the food photos but I felt Pearl was beyond worthy of a shout out. Just check out the menu and you’ll immediately understand why.

Truly one of my most memorable mini vacay getaways, I encourage anyone who hasn’t already been to make the jump accross the short stretch of water to this island getaway. You’ll come back with the perfect tan, an addiction to fish sandwiches and wishing that you never left. Randomly enough, my boss happens to go to Bermuda at least once a year. When I returned back to the mainland that is Massachusetts I immediately told him, “I can’t wait a whole year.”

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5 Responses to Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama

  1. Great post. Bermuda is definitely on my list of places to visit someday, and your pics are making me want to plan a trip sooner rather than later!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Those cliffs are gorgeous. As are the favas and quinoa

  3. Dan says:

    SIGH! 😦 this makes me really sad. Bermuda how I miss thee.
    If you want to see more Bermuda fun, I just went through my archives a bit. These are 3 posts that make me miss Bermuda terribly.

  4. Daisy says:

    We took a family vaca here when I was two – All I have to remember the trip by are pictures of little me on secluded white sandy beaches. You write up is amazing, I must get back there so I can actually appreciate and remember it!

  5. RIKI says:

    this is cooooooooooool 😉

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