Area Four | Breakfast Sandwich FTW

Have you ever seen the 25th Hour? Well that’s kind of what Kendall Square reminds me of on the weekends. Dead, quiet, deserted, as though zombienation swept through while I was sleeping, and I arise at 10:30 to find no sign of life in sight. Everything is closed, and if it wasn’t Sunday and if my favorite coffee shop Voltage wasn’t closed then it would have already stopped serving breakfast sandwiches anyways, and I’d still be screwed. Cranky, starving, and scared for what the future may hold. 

Enter Area Four – my savior. On any given Saturday or Sunday morning you can expect the Bar | Oven at Area Four to look like all the others. Having not fared so well in the Zombie attack, it too is completely shut down; an empty glass house filled with steel. But just around the corner,  the Coffee| Bakery is popping off, filled with fresh pressed lattes, made-from-scratch scones, people on comps on wifi, and OMFGz, a breakfast sandwich! Egg frittata, sharp cheddar, and pork sausage on a homemade English muffin, griddled and buttered. Done.

I had every right to assume that this breakfast sandwich would be mediocre. In reality, it was the only breakfast sandwich within a mile radius on a Sunday morning, so I wasn’t expecting much. After waiting for five minutes you would have thought I was a 5 year old on Christmas morning when they called my name to come grab my sangy. Still steaming from the kitchen, I unwrapped it and took a massive bite. Heaven. I was transported to Heaven. Buttery fluffy English muffin, sharp-gooey-cheesy goodness and that sausage. The best pork sausage I think I’ve ever had. Like a tender meatball, flattened into a patty, flavors fusing with the egg and cheese. It was the happiest 10 seconds of my weekend, because that is approximately how long the breakfast sandwich lasted before it vanished, like everything else in my zombieland neighborhood. I also purchased the sandwich using my new favorite app (LevelUp) which saved me a few dollars. YAYYYY!

Talk about a delightfully surprising, amazingly good, breakfast discovery to start ones day. So there you have it, my little ode to the breakfast sandwich at Area Four. My little beacon of hope. The only reminder on any given Saturday or Sunday, before 3pm, that proves my neighborhood has not been destroyed by evil invaders. I will be back, most likely this Saturday, just to make sure the world has not ended yet.

Area Four on Urbanspoon

500 Technology Square
Camridge, MA

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14 Responses to Area Four | Breakfast Sandwich FTW

  1. I had lunch at Area Four recently and tried their salami sandwich – also pretty awesome. I’ll see if I can make it over one of these days for the breakfast sandwich, your description of it is making me hungry!

  2. Daisy says:

    thank goodness you found something!!! sounds amazing.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I heart Area Four like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve tried every pastry at the cafe and I’ve had lunch sandwiches. Still need to try the bfast sandwich and the bagels.

  4. Michelle says:

    Sometimes the perfect breakfast sandwich can cure all!

  5. I LOVE breakfast sandwiches. So glad you were able to find this one!

  6. Megan says:

    Awesome! Now I know where to go late Sunday mornings when my egg sandwich craving kicks in!

  7. Lucy says:

    Come to think of it…Area 4 DOES sound like a Zombie Quarantine block. Probably should call your city council member and check.

  8. Oooh good to know they make a rockin breakfast sandwich! I’ve only grabbed drinks there but will need to head back.

  9. Joe G says:

    Sounds great, but 10 points off for writing “sangy”.

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