SAUSAGEFEST 2011 | Dante’s Annual Patio Cook-Off

As many of you may have heard, last Sunday was Dante’s annual patio cook-off. Taking place over on the Cambridge restaurant’s back deck, overlooking the Charles, this year’s star food ingredient was the sausage. Not like the typical Sunday football sausagefest that takes over your living room like clockwork each week, this one was one for the ages. 16 Boston and Cambridge chefs showed up with their sausage samples, ready to compete for the sought after title of Sausage King (or Queen).

Techno was blaring, weather was gorgeous, and there was booze and beef sticks everywhere. They came in all shapes and sizes, made from all sorts of different materials: turducken, venison, pork, beef, duck, lamb, the list was endless. Accoutrements ranged from asian-inspired to Thanksgiving-themed. To say a girl was overwhelmed would have been an understatement. Surrounded on every side by endless amounts of sausage, the three of us (Meesh, Erika and I) grabbed our scorecards and got ready to divide and conquer. Picking our favorites were a tough task. Every sausage stood out, and was unique in its own concept and flavor combinations. Some more favored than others, check out some of the contenders below.

Colin Lynch of the Barbara Lynch Gruppo
Pork sausage with pickled carrot, pickled mustard seed, and harissa yogurt

Rodney Murillo of Avila 
Spanish pork sausage with fried Yucca and lime

Damian DiPaola of Damiano 
Arancini (with some sausage bolognese in it.. somewhere)

Jamie Bissonette of Toro & Coppa
Thai sausage with Kimchi

The Turth Hurts (catering company)
Smoked Venison Sausage with cranberry-apple jam

Louis DiBiccari of Storyville 
Braised Lamb Sausage, Ricotta and Hazlenut

Patricia Yeo of Om
Duck confit & duck sausage kim chi 

Anthony Caturano of Prezza
Creamy polenta with tomato-braised sausage, topped with salty pecorino

Laura Henry-Zoubir of Church 
Pork Sazerac Sausage served on a white grit hoecake with jalepeño relish

Abell & Nookie of the Boston Red Sox
“Thanksgiving Sandwich” – Turkey sausage with cranberry sauce and stuffing

Other favorites included a duck sausage from Marc Orfaly of Pigalle and Brian Poe of  The Rattlesnake with his turducken sausage with jalapeno & cranberry relish. In the end, Stella’s Evan Deluty took home the ultimate Sausage King crown for his  Pork sausage with crispy potatoes, pickled onion & citrus aioli (pictured below). One of our personal favorites as well, it had all the necessary elements – savory, crunchy, soft, tangy, and easily edible in a tasting event setting such as this. Nice work Evan, congrats!!

Sausagefest was pretty much everything I could have ever imagined, and more. Turning out to be one of my favorite tasting events so far this fall, it was so mach fun and I can’t wait to see what Dante has in store next November.

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5 Responses to SAUSAGEFEST 2011 | Dante’s Annual Patio Cook-Off

  1. Megan says:

    That braised lamb sausage is calling out to me. What a fun event. I seriously considered going.

  2. Michelle says:

    This looks like it was such a fun event!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Louis’s with the ricotta and hazelnut looks fabuous

  4. Lucy says:

    Why is that a steamed bun I see? Everywhere.

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